Best Thing I Did with Church Communications in 2019

Katie Allred

Best Thing I Did with Church Communications in 2019

Katie Allred

Church Communications is built to help people be a better church communicators through branding, creating websites, improving social media presence and other printed materials. Our community is continuously growing and as we grow, from time to time, we would love to know how we helped you on your journey to become a better communicator.

As of half of the year 2019, here are some testimonials we got from the members of our Facebook Group:


“Passed a Communications Policy with deadlines and clear use of the 80% rule.”

–  Stephanie Crider Files, Berea Baptist Church


“Worked through all the promo and process of candidating and installing a new senior pastor.”

Ryan Brown, Bethany Bible Church



“Signed on with Church Co for our website.”

Kristy Edgell Kish, Freshwater Community Church


“Finally got set up with Later, to schedule our media posts.”

Peter Epler, Ketchikan Naz


“Switching to Nucleus/reformatting service and shortening announcements.”

Shera Danese Dye, Freedom Church


“Started our church-wide Facebook Group. Been absolutely amazing so far.”

Jonathan Norton, Christ Community Church


“Trained volunteers, connected with other leaders in church communications.”

Marcy Carrico, The Church @ Clayton Crossings



“Started using communication request forms! And starting a newsletter, so our bulletin stays simple & clean!”

Rachel Shanower, Middlebranch Grace Brethren Church


“I implemented project management software and taught people to use it for all incoming graphics requests and tasks sent my way.”

Kyra Beaty, Clever Gnome Designs


“Moved from Fellowship 1 to PCO and became a StoryBrand Certified Guide, which has helped our church a ton already!”

Derek Brown, Grace Chapel


“We moved to ROCK database from Arena and about to switch all of our events from My service U to Rock events!!!!!!! We are in transition and research mode of moving to website to ROCK.”

Yeni Ch, Chase Oaks church


“Changed our mailed newsletter to email on mail chimp with all kinds of direct links for people who are no good with the internet!”

Elora Ecklar-Williams, Indian Creek Christian Church


“Put all of our youth group sign ups online, through a combination of PCO Registrations, a WordPress kiosk site, and physical iPad kiosks in the building.”

David Brandt, Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church

“Design request forms for departments and a new intake process for event copy for our redesigned monthly newsletter! (Also we hired a Comms Coordinator who is helping make it all come to life.)”

Jim Keat, The Riverside Church

“We became the most followed church on Instagram in our city. Took 2 years.”

Billy Humphrey, Engage Church


We’re glad we have helped these people improve their communication strategies for their church.

Do you want to be a better communicator? Let us help you with that!




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