Best Tips for Building Your Unique Church Brand

Katie Allred

Best Tips for Building Your Unique Church Brand

Katie Allred

Driving down the road and seeing signs or billboards, watching TV and viewing a commercial, or even scrolling on your phone – we all see it. Brands are everywhere. 


Brands are a unique way that quickly helps companies set themselves apart. Logos, color schemes, and fonts come together to form a brand identity that connects with people.


So, why is this important for churches? Just like the multicolored letters in Google’s names, the Starbucks siren, or even the Olympic rings they all create an emotional response and reaction from people. 


The same is true for your church. Here is a short list of tips for building your unique church brand. 


What is Brand Identity


Brand identity is the general expression of your church that you present to others. 


When you first start creating your church’s brand it might be difficult to think of everything that must be done, so here is a short yet comprehensive list of things to include when your start your creative process: 


  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typography/fonts
  • Illustration
  • Photography 
  • Video and motion graphics
  • Web design 
  • Iconography 


Keep Your Church Brand Cohesive


Make sure your brand identity translates across all mediums and platforms. 


Use color schemes, logos, and fonts to help ensure cohesiveness.   


Another extremely important thing that helps is using defining keywords and phrases to establish the overall shape and tone of your church’s voice. 


Creating a welcoming voice connects with people. They will be able to feel your church’s personality. This, in turn, will help individuals have a strong and more positive association with your church. 


Things to Remember When Creating Your Church Brand


We have talked about brand identity and cohesiveness, but let’s not forget about the creative process of making a unique church brand. 


While creating your brand strategy, think of your audience, list your goals, and come up with a plan for accomplishing these things.


Make sure to also be authentic. Showcase your church’s unique personality and what they stand for.




Branding is not just a logo. It is everything that encompasses your church and how others view it. It is important to have a church brand that connects with both your congregation and community. When others feel positive about your church and know its personality, the more likely they are to visit.  





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