Best Video Lighting Home Setup

Katie Allred

Best Video Lighting Home Setup

Katie Allred

If you’re going to shoot a video at home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be low quality. Sometimes, you just need a good lighting setup. Lighting is one of the most vital elements to film a great video. It’s even more essential than investing in expensive camera setup. There’s a lot that you can do using a budget camera, but not while shooting a video in the dark. 

No worries, we could help you with that! Here are some recommendations for excellent lighting equipment for your video setup at home. 

Godox SL-60W LED Daylight Video Light

This lighting kit is trendy for a good reason. The kit contains two Godox SL-60W daylight balanced (5600K) LED lights, which have a high color accuracy of +95 CRI. The lights are adjustable from 10% to 100%. On the back, there’s a big display so you could monitor the temperature of the fixture, the brightness, and the channel. It is excellent for interview lighting setups inside your home. 

$120 as of August 27,2020 – Buy Now

Aputure 2 H672W + 1 H672S LED Panel Video Light Kit

This set is ideal for still photography and videography as well. It contains three daylight-balanced (5500K) LED panels with 672 LEDs high color accuracy of +95 CRI. You could adjust the light of the panels by using the orange and white diffusers to make the light warmer or softer. These lights could also run on both batteries or with the power adapter, and you can charge its batteries while the AC-adapter powers the lights. This set includes six batteries and 3 AC-adapters.


$789 as of August 27, 2020 – Buy Now

Neewer Photography 160 LED Studio Lighting Kit

This lighting setup is light-weight and travel-friendly, good for an ever-changing home setup. This kit is compatible with your DSLR camera and can even be mounted on a standard hot shoe. It has two lighting panels that use 160 small LED lights each (hence the name of the product). At the same time, LED lights are known to be very bright and economical. You’ll surely enjoy a significant amount of light, whether you shoot indoors or outdoors. When it comes to power options, this lighting kit runs on batteries like Panasonic, Sony, or even simple AA batteries. 

$47.99 as of August 27, 2020 – Buy Now

Viltrox 2 Pack VL-200T Photography & Video LED Panel Lighting Kit

Last but not least, if your primary concern is an affordable set that could create soft light, then this package from Viltrox might be suitable for you. It consists of 2 bi-colored LED video lights and has a color temperature of 3300K-5600K, with high color accuracy of +95 CRI. There is a large LCD at the back for monitoring, and the lights are adjustable between 20%-100%. Because of its easy assemble and disassemble, it’s great for storage and small spaces.

$178 as of August 27, 2020 – Buy Now


Always remember that no matter where and what you are shooting, good lighting is essential. There some good best practices for looking good on video recordings at home. Before investing in expensive equipment, you must first learn the basics of adequately lighting a scene so that you would know how to use it.


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