How To Add Music To A Video In 5 Steps Or Less


How To Add Music To A Video In 5 Steps Or Less


A lot of the way viewers experience videos comes down to music. Knowing how to add music to a video is essential, and it adds another important tool to your belt.

Before we go into adding music to your videos, we need to cover a few important things.

How To Add Music To A Video

Finding quality uncopyrighted music may seem daunting, so follow these next 5 steps spanning brainstorming a project to exporting a finalized video.

  1. Think About The Tone You Want To Create

Music helps set the mood of a video. It can affect our emotions, create tones, and guide our overall experience.

Thinking about music during the pre-production phase is very important. Write out the emotional beats you want to hit throughout your script. Maybe even list song genres you can use.

  1. Browse A Royalty Free Music Library

Moving on to the post-production phase. Now that you’re ready to add music to your video, you can go ahead and start browsing royalty free music.

Check out a royalty free music library like Soundstripe. You’ll have access to a variety of high quality royalty free songs.

  1. License And Download The Perfect Song

Maybe you have the perfect song off of iTunes for your video, but you don’t want to pay the licensing fee.

This is where you’re going to run into copyright issues. If you decide to use the song without bothering to license it, you will receive a copyright claim, a takedown notice, or an email containing the threat of being sued.

If you receive a claim, you could pay to license the song, but this could cost hundreds of dollars. Then there’s the risk of legal difficulties and the potential punishment of a $100,000 fine and prison. 

The risk is just not worth it.

  1. Drop The Videos Into Your Project Timeline

Here is the easiest part of the entire process: take your song file and drag it into your video editor. 

That’s how simple it is. The biggest thing to worry about is trimming the song to your needed specifications.

The biggest challenge you should run into is audio mixing. You may have to adjust your levels, or cut out parts of the song.

  1. Repeat As Often As You Need Music

The beauty of a royalty free music library is that you can dive back in as much as you like. Using a platform like Soundstrip even allows you to download a Premier Pro plugin to make browsing and adding music even easier without having to ever leave your project.

Being a creator, music is a necessity, and following these steps will soon become a part of your daily routine.

Royalty free music services will make your life so much easier, not to mention cheaper. The next time you need to add music to a video, instead of wasting your time and resources, think back to this checklist.

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