Celebrating Christmas With Your Church

Katie Allred

Celebrating Christmas With Your Church

Katie Allred

We all want to celebrate Christmas the best way possible. Most of us want to throw big celebrations like Christmas parties, reunions, and Christmas plays. Sadly, this year we can’t have that big celebration. But life goes on. Christmas is not canceled this year. We have to make certain changes to the safety of every one of us.

Here are some ways your church can celebrate Christmas amid a pandemic.


The best way to celebrate Christmas is to give back. Share your blessings with others. Your church can provide essentials for those in need like vitamins, face masks, toiletries, and other basics. Christmas would not be complete without the church extending its hands to those in need. We are organized as a church for a reason and a purpose, and one of which is to help others with their spiritual and physical needs.

I love spending Christmas with that feeling of fulfillment that I helped a family spend their holidays with delicious food on their table. It is a reminder of how blessed we are that we have food on our table, a roof over our heads, and clothes to keep us warm. Pandemic or not, Christmas or not, we must continue to do charity works.


Start a new tradition! Take dinners online. Deliver food to each member of your church and then organize a Zoom conference while eating; that way, you get to spend dinner while being safe inside the premises of your home. Do other activities online, such as bible study, fellowship, and watching church videos on Youtube.

You can also have fun by conducting competitions for church members such as cooking shows for older members and the best TikTok entries for teenagers. With technology today, it’s possible to spend Christmas even if you are not together physically.


Small gatherings are now allowed in some places. Your church can divide members into different groups by age, family, and other classification to avoid big gatherings. After each member belongs to a specific group, groups can conduct their separate Christmas parties or other activities to celebrate Christmas.

Quick reminder! Before starting activities, check body temperature, wear a mask, and practice proper social distancing. Make sure that everything is sanitized properly. The church should give rules and guidelines before each activity.


Christmas is not about receiving, but it is about giving. Let us continue the tradition of giving back and not let the pandemic hinder our purpose and mission as the body of Christ.


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