Church Communication Department Structures

Katie Allred

Church Communication Department Structures

Katie Allred

The Church Communication department has a vital role in the church. This department also handles all the branding and marketing of the institution. This includes the following responsibilities: bulletin production, editing, and proofing; content generation, whether for print, email, mailers, posters, social media, or video; and dispersing information thoroughly and professionally.

Here are some communication structures from our Facebook Group shared by our members:


From Michael Buckingham

Communication is rolled into the Experience Team

Experience Pastor

Leadership team

  • art director

  • video director

  • digital director

  • project director

We have three on the video team, three on design, two writers, three project managers, one web coordinator, one social media, one photographer, and an assistant.


From Amy Lostutter

Communication Director

-graphic designer


-digital media specialist


From Jeriel Chia Shunyi

When we were around 5000 – 6000:

Communications Manager

  • Project Manager + Comms Exec in-charge of church announcements, testimonies, and manages projects, leads around 15 – 20 volunteers

  • Designer x 2 in charge of design support on all platforms, for adults & kids, leads around 15 – 20 volunteers

  • Social Media Executive (newly added in the last two years), social media

content creation for our main accounts, and leads all congregation & center account heads for quarterly review and training, leads around 50 – 60 volunteers across all accounts

Media belongs to another team now, but we are looking to hire a part-time video content creator. This is now that we are 6000 going 7000.


From Katie Allred

A solid communications department can be a valuable asset for the growth of your church. Communication Department is standard only for big institutions, but even small churches should have a team that handles the church’s communications. We have constantly reiterated how vital communication is in a church because its objective is to spread Christianity. To do that successfully, it should be handled by an individual or group of persons other than the Pastor.



Church Communication Department structures involve directors and a few people who assist them. But how the department is constructed, how big they are, and the responsibilities of each one depending on how much work is needed to be done and the team’s capability. It may not be the same for all church’s communications departments, but their purpose is the same – to serve the church by communicating everything in God’s will.

For more tips and tricks on how other churches organize their communication department structure here are some discussions from our Facebook group. 


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