laptop on a desk with Asana on the screen

Church Communication Plans with Asana

Derek Hanson

laptop on a desk with Asana on the screen

Church Communication Plans with Asana

Derek Hanson

The question about church communication plans and calendars comes up often in our community. Responses from our experts usually suggest using a project management tool like Asana, Trello, ClickUp, or Monday. Personally, I make church communication plans with Asana, but you can use any number of project management tools.

Our community of experts is great at sharing what tools we use. However, most responses don’t answer the practical question: How do you organize a project management tool? Here is a recent question from one community member:

Does anyone have a template for organizing the master communication plan for a specific project? I use a Google spreadsheet for organizing ALL our comm channels across all projects, and Asana for organizing all our project assets, but don’t have anything for outlining the comm plan for a specific project.

—Jennifer Sharp, Northwest Bible Church

At my church, we use Asana for all of our ministry planning. We plan six months of events. In order to give you a sense of how to manage a bunch of projects, I created a walkthrough of our Asana projects. With Asana, I am able to use our master calendar and create church communication plans connected to each project. You can accomplish a similar set up with most of the other project management tools. In this video below, I’ll share what we do.

[vimeo 371511227 w=640 h=360]
So, this is how we use Asana for planning all of our ministry events. Each event has its own communication plan from a pre-built template. For more on Asana and communication planning, check out this article on how to involve ministry leaders in communication, or this one on project proposals.




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