Church Live Streaming: 5 Reasons Why Facebook Falls Short


Church Live Streaming: 5 Reasons Why Facebook Falls Short


Live streaming is a powerful tool for churches to engage their congregation and extend their reach far beyond the confines of their physical building. While many opt for free platforms, like Facebook Live, they often lack the functionality and reliability of solutions built with churches in mind.

Here’s why you shouldn’t rely solely on Facebook Live for live streaming:

Copyright challenges

Churches using copyrighted music risk having their streams muted or taken down by Facebook’s automated detection system. Unlike church tech solutions that specialize in streaming, Facebook’s algorithms don’t consider existing church licensing agreements. This is frustrating for both church staff and audiences alike and can lead to important information and faith formation to fall through the cracks.


Lack of support

Even the best technology has its off days, but if something malfunctions during your streams on Facebook Live, your team is left to troubleshoot alone. 

Week after week you faithfully work in preparation of Sunday. You shouldn’t have to frantically surf the web any time something goes wrong. The best streaming solutions on the market today provide comprehensive support—including email and phone assistance, an updated library of resources, a real-time status page, and more to ensure smooth operations.


Censorship & misrepresentation 

While the allure of a free and familiar platform is initially enticing, there’s often a big cost. By streaming on Facebook, churches unwittingly relinquish control and ownership of their streamed content. This gives Facebook the power to edit, delete, distribute, and potentially monetize your videos.

Find a church tech solution that offers greater control over your thoughtfully crafted content while still enabling you to cross-post to social media as you see fit.


Competition for attention 

Churches aim for their gospel-centered messages to reach and resonate with audiences—even those that are unable to attend in person. Since most Big Tech platforms are built to capture attention and “keep” you longer, your church’s live streamed services have to compete with funny cat videos, clothing advertisements, and direct messages. These distractions are designed to make Facebook money and in return pull focus away from the gospel message.  

Utilizing a solution that can seamlessly stream to your mobile app, TV app, and website ensures that your members and visitors get a branded and distraction-free viewing experience.


Time-consuming media management

While Facebook Live archives streamed videos for on-demand viewing, managing and distributing this content can be cumbersome. Manually downloading, editing, and re-uploading to your church app and website cuts into your staff and volunteers’ already limited time.

The best church tech platforms offer streamlined media management, allowing for easy creation, distribution, and on-demand access to messages. Simply edit and publish to all of your channels from the same dashboard. No more jumping from tab to tab!


While using Facebook Live for church services is a readily available option for live streaming, it should not be your church’s only tool due to its inherent faults and limitations. Choosing a specialized live streaming provider tailored to the needs of the Church ensures better support, content control, and audience engagement overall.

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