Church Management Software That Communicators Still Love In 2021

Katie Allred

Church Management Software That Communicators Still Love In 2021

Katie Allred

When it comes to growing and expanding our churches, we need all the help we can get. It’s not an easy task, and there are many hurdles, but it’s a wonderful process. What’s important is to establish an organized system and method for our staff and the whole church’s management. With an organized plan, all other tasks will be a lot easier. We’ve listed a few ChMS or Church Management Software to help you get organized and expand your church and reach. Here are some of our fellow church communicators’ favorites!



This is one of the most recommended and easiest web-based church management software out there. Breeze has a simple and intuitive design, which allows for quick lookup of people and faster communication. They allow custom information fields and filter people through criteria, so it is easier to locate the person you need. Since it is a ChMS, they also give reports online and text about financial statements and contributions so that you could monitor your church’s financial status in an instant. They also have other features like setting up and scheduling events, generating reviews and reports of different factors to help you grow your church and allowing you to move and import your files when you register. They offer an Instant Demo for you to test the waters before you sign-up.


Planning Center

Planning Center is a collection of software products that you can subscribe to individually or together, depending on your church’s needs. It has flexible pricing according to what you only decide to use and offers many features. PC has all the features a ChMS needs like organizing and storing members, a calendar where you could schedule events, monitor resources, accept, track and process donations and issue statements, publish your mobile app and website, create online groups, track attendance, signups and more. They also have an app where you could set schedules for volunteers, make worship plans, and equip your team for upcoming events and worships. It’s relatively easy to use and offers a free 30-day trial too!


Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a church software that helps you handle tasks and engages you with people at the same time. It is made to help Pastors, Administrators, and Leaders ease the burden of managing a church. They have all the essential features of a ChMS like easy to build schedules, automatic creation of reports, universal calendars, sending a personalized email/message to first-time attendees, app integration, and more. They also have an app with integrated push pay, so there will be more manageable payments and statements tracking.

Need help in increasing giving and engagement with people? can be of assistance. Its ChMS is easy to use, with member managements for first-time guests, automated workflow for convenience of tasks, child and volunteer check-ins, integrated online and mobile giving, which features easier ways for your church to give wherever the people are, service planning, reporting tools for your members and more. is great, especially if you’re starting up. It offers a free demo and allows you to import and transition your files from other ChMS and software.



Fluro is an automation platform for growing churches. With everything centralized and seamlessly working together, you’ll have no problems in managing your church. Fluro features the usual ChMS tools with certain additions like reports, contacts, and follow-ups for every member and person, a centralized album and folder for photos and files, launch your own website for your online presence, church gauges to make informed decisions, groups & teams, mail outs and more. Fluro offers a free 35 day trial for those who want to try it out before committing and subscribing.



Management is tough. Handling a church will get pretty hard to handle most of the time. But by incorporating proper ChMS into your system will help you do your tasks efficiently. I hope this helps you in setting up a new way of management for your team and church!




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