Churches who are Killing the Instagram Game

Katie Allred

Churches who are Killing the Instagram Game

Katie Allred

We need role models for all of us. They help us become our best and truest selves. That same truth applies to Instagram. As a church, you need inspiration for our social media accounts that will challenge you to create strategic, engaging, and deliberate content. These role models will help empower you, motivate you, and even challenge you to up your Instagram game.

On this list, we’ve compiled the top churches that are currently outstanding in their Instagram game. Hopefully, these church Instagram accounts will encourage your church to be innovative about how you do your content so that you can connect, reach out, and engage deeper online.


Elevate Church MS

Elevate Church (@elevatechurchms) • Instagram photos and videos

Elevate brings life to their feed with bright colors and typography. Their content is engaging because of their vibrant and exciting posts. They also post some of their event photos to let people know what’s happening. 

First Church

First Church (@_firstchurch) • Instagram photos and videos

First Church has an aesthetically engaging feed with great photos of services and events. They also use typography in their photos, which helps them stand out. 

Generation Church

Generation Church (@generation_church) • Instagram photos and videos

We can say that Generation Church’s contents are good. They post creative designs and content as well as good photos of their events and worship services. Here are some of their photos below. You could also check them out on their Instagram.

The Grove

The Grove (@albanygrove) • Instagram photos and videos

The Grove fills their feed with nature vibes. Connecting their posts and photos with nature and organic elements gives off an earthy and ‘feel at home’ vibes.

Hope City Church

Hope City Church (@hopecityevv) • Instagram photos and videos

Hope City’s Instagram is filled with positivity and inspirational quotes. They usually use fonts in their photos and symmetry in their photos.

Slate Church

Slate Church (@slatechurch) • Instagram photos and videos

One way to establish your brand is to stick to a certain palette or color scheme. Slate Church uses light and pastel colors in their posts, keeping their feed light and white. They only use darker colors on their photos and fonts. 

C3 Church

C3 Church (@c3_church) • Instagram photos and videos

Your posts don’t have to be over the top or overly edited to be hip and engaging. C3 Church demonstrates this. They have a simplistic style using minimalistic designs and fewer words on their posts, matched with their good portrait photography. 


PORTICO | a community church (@porticocc) • Instagram photos and videos

Portico also keeps its posts simple and light. They mostly post inspirational quotes, tips, and sayings.

Crave Church

Crave Church is a good inspirational feed. They have lots of artistic videos and photos in their feed. Their filter and edit game is on point too! 

People Church

People Church Chicago (@peoplechurch)

People Church’s theme is a mix of modern and urban. Their designs are very innovative and modern. They combine great fonts, symmetry, and color palettes into their posts.

Audacious Church

!Audacious Church Chester (@audaciouschurchchester)

Audacious’s Instagram feed is a mix of their event photos, posters, and announcements. They use organic and abstract design in their contents. Their posts are visually pleasing by keeping a certain theme and color palette throughout their feed, making them stand out.


We’ve listed some of the trendiest and creative Instagram accounts of churches out there. You could use them as inspiration in creating content for your Instagram feed. Studying their style could also help you in finding and creating your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play until you find your own style.


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