9 Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is the future of social media. If you’re church isn’t using Instagram, there’s still time to get started! Churches are creating awesome content and using intentional strategies to get new people through their doors every week.

Here are some of mine and our group‘s favorite churches to follow.

  1. City Hope Church
  2. Elevation
  3. Vous Church
  4. Zoe Church LA
  5. Mosaic LA
  6. Auburn Community Church
  7. CrossPoint.tv
  8. Kingdomcity Singapore
  9. Gwinnett Church

City Hope Church

I love City Hope Church because of their feed always feel “in the moment”.

Elevation Church

First off, Elevation Church is 🔥. We love having them in our group and the insight they bring to our table is incredible. Shout to the three lovely ladies keeping things going! Check out their live video when they explained how they run Elevation’s social media (you’ll have to be in the group to watch!).

“When my wife Ashley and I first came to Elevation, I’d never been to church before. I wasn’t opposed to Christianity, I just didn’t understand it. I wasn’t familiar with basic stories or concepts that seemed second nature to everyone else. At Elevation, I quickly realized that I didn’t have to be self-conscious about my lack of knowledge. Pastor Steven broke down verses and applied them to everyday life in ways that I could relate. I was instantly put at ease. As we continued coming, I began to learn more about what it means to follow Christ, until one Sunday, I knew that this was a commitment I wanted to make for myself. That day, I raised my hand and decided to give my life to Jesus. Ashley and I recently joined a married couples eGroup at Elevation Lake Norman. I strive to become a better man, husband, and father, and connecting with these new friends has helped me grow on that journey. As I lead my family into this new year, I want to start off with a statement of faith. Today I’m glad to publicly declare my faith in Jesus Christ.” Travis, Elevation Lake Norman #RaisedToLife

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Vous Church

Zoe Church LA

“We forgive quickly and often!” -Pastor @chadcveach The call of God on our lives PUSHES us to move FORWARD as we forgive others!

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Mosaic LA

I like Mosaic because it’s a lot different than my church so it’s cool to see the differences and get inspiration for different things they are doing.
-Bradley Hodges

Auburn Community Church

Cross Point Church

I think Crosspoint does a great job at engaging followers with their content by asking a lot of questions, etc. they also both utilize Stories very well.
– Bradley Hodges

Kingdom City Singapore

I love how they tell stories. They’re simple and easy to follow. They create amazing and fun stories as well.

Gwinnett Church

I appreciate the story behind their #ForGwinnett hashtag. I know they’ve been interactive. I also enjoy the beautiful photography and the way they use so many shots of people.
-Neal Fischer

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