Communicating with Your Congregation

Katie Allred

Communicating with Your Congregation

Katie Allred

How do we ensure that all members of our congregation are staying connected and are getting messages we are trying to send? 

A lot of times, simply pushing out an email (or something similar) is not enough.

This dilemma is discussed in a post on our Facebook group, and here are some of the comments:


“Something we have been talking about is building a team of our core people that have a gift in connecting and welcoming and using that team as an essential tool in communicating. To give you an idea, our church is about 2000 people.” Rachael Parks 

“The best alternative is executive leaders mandating a process and leading folks to adherence.” Wes Gay 

“Truthfully, I spent a long time worrying about how to help people easily access information. Bulletins, announcements, social, lobby screens, bathroom signage, weekly emails, etc.… I still do those things, but I also 1. Make it a bigger priority to remind people where to find information, and 2. Communicate well with individual ministry leaders the importance of them partnering with the comm department to make sure they are communicating their ministry things at their best. It’s my job to communicate with clarity and using the resources we have to the best of my ability. I can not control the consumption of that information…” Sarah Sciarini 

“We have a program staff meeting, and we go through major events a few weeks out, and that helps. I then ask if they want it communicated and ask them to schedule a time with me. Doesn’t catch them all, but has helped us miss significantly less…” April Buske 


With everything that is happening in our churches, keeping up with the events and information is a struggle – even for communication staff. 

Although technology can help tremendously, one of the most effective ways to communicate is with people. In your church, you’ve probably got a group of volunteers (deacons, etc.) that can help with this task.

Hopefully, the suggestions above can help you build an effective system to connect you to your people.


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