Communication Request Forms

Katie Allred

Communication Request Forms

Katie Allred

As church communicators, we have to generate a lot of content, and we have to work with a lot of different people to meet their individual communication needs. It’s usually the case that our churches host a wide variety of ministries, teams, and staff; and they need people like us to get their messages out. Maybe they need an announcement slide, a video, fliers, curricula, or a media team for an event. With all of these requests coming our way, we’re going to need a game plan.

A communication request form is probably the most effective tool to implement. If you’re wondering what that is and how to create one, there’s no one, good answer. Fortunately, this post features a pretty sweet list of links to request forms that are either created by trusted church communicators or from general-use survey templates. So here you go:

Agape House New Testament Church

Brentwood Baptist

Central Peninsula Church

Christ Community Church

Christ Community Church Omaha


First Methodist Carrollton

Gainesville First United Methodist Church

Germantown Baptist Church

Grace Church of Fredericksburg

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Liquid Church

Pantano Church

The Ridge Community Church

Thompson Station Church

Wellspring Church

Wufoo by Survey Monkey

First Church via Wufoo By SurveyMonkey

Google Forms

Colombo Gospel Tabernacle via Google Forms

Abundant Life Church via Jotform

Anglican Diocese of Ottawa via Jotform

Special thanks to our communicators who generously shared their working request forms found in the comments of this Facebook group post. We appreciate you. Hopefully, these examples will be helpful to others who are working to make their request process more efficient.





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