Communication Team Staffing

Katie Allred

Communication Team Staffing

Katie Allred

Moving our worship services online has led many churches to add or modify a Communications Team on their staff. With the current situation, these roles have become more essential than ever. Our churches need this in order to communicate well with our congregation and community. With so many tasks that need to be done, what are the essential roles in a communications team, and what do these jobs entail? We’ve compiled some of our Facebook members’ comments regarding their own communication team staffing to help you. You may find what suits your church and how these tips can benefit you!


“It’s me, and we just hired a full time online ministry coordinator for social media. They focus on the online worship experience. They manage live stream equipment and the live stream team, social media engagement and posting, analytic review, following up with our online only people and making sure they are in online groups. Those are the main things!” Starr Stackhouse

“We have a little larger attendance across three campuses. I’m the Media and Comms Director, and have two working under me (one specializing in graphics and the other in video.) We all handle photography, and then I handle the website and social media, as well as final design approvals from whichever department requested.” Kim Adams

“Before Covid, we typically averaged 2500 in attendance. One campus but contemporary and traditional services happening at the same time in different buildings. Our communications team is: Communications Director Media Manager (graphic design), Communications Coordinator (social media), Videographer, Video Intern, Communications & Data Admin, Our online worship is overseen by our Production Team, but myself (media manager) and our videographers are often heavily involved in Production on Sunday mornings as well.” Lauren Moody


We all have seen the importance of having a solid Communications Team for our churches during this pandemic. Shifting to online platforms has changed our way of communicating. Each of us must remember that every church differs in size, goals, and responsibilities. This why our Communications staff may look differently. What’s essential is that we set our priorities and create a team that fits our needs in communication team staffing.


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