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Community Discussion: Best Ways to Distribute Weekly Bulletins for your Church

Katie Allred

Community Discussion: Best Ways to Distribute Weekly Bulletins for your Church

Katie Allred

In times of limited physical contact, bulletins are mostly eliminated in churches. But some still do. If that is the case, how do we manage health guidelines and protocols? And if there are no bulletins, what alternatives can we use? Where do we put our announcements, sermon notes, worship order?

If you’re facing the same dilemmas and are looking for answers to these questions, read more to see a discussion about it.

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Jon VerLee

“I’d love to hear – in the age of COVID, how are you distributing a weekly bulletin for weekend services at your church? Paper? On-screen? Email? Text? App? No bulletin? And if you’re not totally satisfied with your current solution, what would your dream solution be?”


“No bulletin anymore because of COVID. We want to avoid handing anything out as much as possible. Email bulletin. Online sermon notes.” Melanie Barkdull Adcock

“We’re still exclusively online. I create a PDF with the order of worship and hymn sheets and include it in an all community email that goes out with Sunday school and worship details on Saturday. The email is posted on our Facebook page, and shared to our closed Facebook groups.” Jan Hames

“Email! We’ve dropped 80% of our paper and things to be distributed on Sundays, including modifying how we take up offering and distribute communion.” Kathryn Melton

“Everything has been digital but starting to print our monthly newsletter, magazine style, beginning October 25!” Kristin Bernazard

“Gloved ushers hand out bulletins. We also have it online, send a link in an email on Saturdays, and have a link in our FB live post.” Mary Lu Saylor

“We put it on the screen now and email it out for anyone who needs it online.” Sarah Winkler

“Completely paperless. Announcements scroll on screens pre & post service, are sent in weekly email, and anything major gets mentioned from the pulpit, while all (online & in-person) are directed to” Christina McDaniel

“Email…one for What is happening in the life of the church and one for the order of worship.” Stacey Brunson Lebitz

“We’re using QR codes for EVERYTHING so that we don’t hand anything out. We have signs at the entrance and then have it on slides too. We have an online notes outline with YouVersion, and we can make the code static while having the notes change every week. For events and information, we always push them toward an Events page on our website.” Tiffany Grace Snyder




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