Community Discussion: How Do You Invite More People To Online Church

Katie Allred

Community Discussion: How Do You Invite More People To Online Church

Katie Allred

Online church is a new concept for most people, and not everyone is even aware of it. Before the COVID-19 crisis, we would encourage our members to invite their friends and others to attend our church services. But how do we do this for online church?

Stephen Stough asked our Facebook group, “How are your churches empowering people to invite others to online church?”

Here are the comments:

“We posted some downloadable graphics on our website and encouraged people to share them on their socials.” Susie Stombaugh

“(We made) Facebook frames, social posts, email campaign forwards, road signs, and yard signs.” Colin Rowley

“(We) write a note or send a personal text to a neighbor.” Jenna Stensland 

“Just finished building out our invite page. I shared it in our church Facebook group and our e-newsletter” Teresa De Wit 

I put out our outdoor banners and made a stack of yard signs for people to pick up if they’re out (and posted about this on FB today).” Allison Xanthopoulos

Create a form that sits next to the video that says ‘invite a friend.’ Have them put their email and friend’s email and send the friend an email with a link to the website.” Paul Cox

We created invite images people can use to send to their friends or put on their Facebook covers.” Julie Biorkman


We can use online church as an opportunity to spread the gospel. Don’t miss the chance to encourage your church members to invite their friends and connect with more people from home!




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