Community Discussion: How To Handle Facebook Messages Well

Katie Allred

Community Discussion: How To Handle Facebook Messages Well

Katie Allred

The importance of being proactive in answering messages is often underestimated. It is often the last thing discussed when building a social media page.
Recently, one of our Facebook group members raised a concern on how to handle messages.

“How do you guys handle Facebook messages? We have a couple of admins on the page that would be better suited to answer certain questions, but I’m unsure how to go about doing that. I know Facebook has the assign feature, but I’ve heard it doesn’t notify the person that they’ve been assigned…”

Here is some advice from our Facebook community members:

“I use to tell the person asking to give us a minute while I get the correct answer for them. Then email the question to the appropriate team member. Helped with workflow internally.” – Diana Wei Fang

“If it’s a simple question like service times or directions, we’ll answer it ASAP. If it needs more “ministerial” attention, I often say “We’d love to help you answer that. Please send your question here: email@address, and one of our Pastoral Team will get back to you ASAP. Then I notify whomever that an email should be coming in.” – Joshua Johnson, TCU – Texas Christian University

“We have a staff member designated to manage our social media, and that is one of the responsibilities that come with that role. It’s then up to that person (aka, me) to notify other staff members if they need to take point instead of on a particular message. We treat it case-by-case, rather than trying to say x person answers these types of messages.” – Rachel Rogers Passereni, Brownstown Christian Church

Our Response

There can be tons of ways of handling messages on Facebook as a team. It’s just figuring out what works best for you and your team. We recommend that ONE person be the contact person on a page and handles messages so that nothing will get lost in translation. If something arises that needs to be looked at by someone else, I usually send that message as an email to that minister and also request that the person messaging us please email that minister regarding their question.


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