Community Discussion: Is Leadership a Temporary Assignment?

Katie Allred

Community Discussion: Is Leadership a Temporary Assignment?

Katie Allred

We have come across with an interesting post in the Facebook group posted by our member, Rob Pene.

In his post, he asks “What are your thoughts on the idea that “Leadership is always a temporary assignment? Agree or Disagree?”

And the comments are quite insightful:

“Disagree leadership is a character trait, not a position.” – Carl Johnson, Faith City Church Dayton’s Bluff

“Depends on how you define leadership. But if you define it in the context of a position held, I would agree in that you hold that position for a set period of time and therefore you’re steward of it and should be looking ahead to mentor/disciple someone to succeed you. You don’t hold a position forever, it’s temporary. But at the same time, you never [should] stop being a leader regardless of position held.” – Mel Mills,

“So, a leadership role is a temporary assignment? Leadership itself is not.” – Ashley M. Corbett, Lands Lutheran Church

“Leadership is a skill. It can be learned and it can be taught. Some are better at it than other and some may never figure it out. But it is a skill. True leaders beget leaders. Part of leadership is developing others. If you are doing that well you should be training your replacement. So in that sense, yes, leadership is temporary. Or at least the leadership position in its current form is temporary. My favorite definition is from Carry Niuwhoff, “Leadership is taking people where they wouldn’t normally go without leadership.” One your arrive or develop someone to lead them, you can step aside and allow them to lead. Then you…find someone else to lead.” – David Russell, River Park Church Of Christ

“I can agree with the statement as far as it states about not owning ministries, but I sometimes think we have made the temporary part too short. 2 or 3 years seems to just be getting going and building solid trust, and yet that’s when most ministry leadership overturns.” – Stephanie Crider Files, Berea Baptist Church

“A leader has three jobs. (1) accomplish the work goals through the team. (2) develop new team members. (3) grow a new leader for the team so you can move on to something else. So leadership of a given team should be temporary. Leadership as a skill set should be permanent.” – William Carmichael, The Nett Church

Leadership can be subjectively seen by any person. For some, leadership is permanent as the influence of a leader can last forever. But if you look at it as a role, then it can be seen as temporary, and our members really had some great points.




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