Community Discussion: Mewe or Mainstream Media?

Katie Allred

Community Discussion: Mewe or Mainstream Media?

Katie Allred

MeWe is becoming a fast-growing channel for social media, for people looking for alternatives on big platforms such as Facebook. It is available for desktop computers, iPhones, and Android. Over the past months, several users have revealed plans to move some of their social media activity to MeWe due to frustration with most Facebook aspects, such as privacy and censorship issues.

Relevant to this, a person from the group made a post asking about shifting their church’s social accounts to MeWe. This garnered reactions from our members, which we compiled in this blog. If you are also considering this step for your church, this read could help you decide,

The Post:

My church’s worship pastor is removing his Facebook account and moving over to MeWe. He asked me to look into taking down all of our stuff off Facebook and moving to other platforms. Facebook with other 2 Billion users is nothing compared to MeWe’s 6 million. While I understand he is coming from a 1) political approach and 2) trying to be ahead of the game, I don’t see it of value to jump ship on a platform with much more room to share.

Any thoughts on how to approach this situation. Do you agree that Facebook is the better option to stay with? Should we jump ship? Should we look to use both?

Through it, I’m also looking at how to possibly move a lot of stuff over to a weekly email bulletin. This would help cover anyone who jumps ship on Facebook and social media altogether.

Edit: heads up, he has no power over social media. He is just making a suggestion. The decision would ultimately be between me, the lead pastor, and his wife(our lead social media person).

I’m also obviously leaning heavily against jumping from Facebook. But I just want to hear others’ thoughts on the subject.


“Yeah never jump ship from where people are. You can always add a MeWe to the list of places you post.” 

“I wouldn’t leave FB, though I could see why some are dissatisfied with the other messages that “live” here. If you must do this new platform, I’d add it to what you’re already doing. For better or worse, this is the platform MOST people use at this moment. You’re missing a huge demographic if you jump ship completely.”

“From a marketing perspective never jump ship, build a strategy. Create value for joining/following on the other platforms. “We talk about things there that we can’t here.” But continue to grow your audience on Facebook and migrate them.”

“I’d research it for informational purposes only. If it looks like it might work, then entertain a discussion about using MeWe along with FB and others. Dumping one for another could alienate church folks who don’t make the jump…”

“Lets just say this, at the end of the day, yes, it’s just a social media platform. But it’s a platform that allows us to fight and share the gospel. Just moving to a different platform because we keep getting censored on this one seems like a huge cop out! Do missionaries leave their places because people there don’t want them to preach the gospel? Did Paul and Silas leave Phillipi? Whether you like it or not, political garbage aside, this is our mission field too! We don’t leave, we stay, and keep spreading the gospel.”


As it has been said repeatedly by our members in this post, go to where the people are. And right now, we can’t deny that people are on these big social media platforms. If one of your goals is to reach more people with the Word of God, then do not restrict yourself by using only one medium. It’s okay to consider other options, but do not give your current ones up.




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