Companies To Consider For Your Social Media Needs

Katie Allred

Companies To Consider For Your Social Media Needs

Katie Allred

From building your brand to publishing content in your social media accounts, it could get a little overwhelming doing all these talks on your own. You may form a team of volunteers or ask your staff to help out, but it will be tough to handle all these social media platforms if you do not have enough experience.

Luckily, there are lots of great companies to help you with your social media needs. They could help streamline all your church’s social media tasks, saving you some time and even guarantee that each of your content reaches the right audience. If you’re considering hiring a company, here are some recommendations from our Church Communications Facebook group members.


Church Media Squad was helpful” Katie Allred

Unlimited Church Graphic Design | Custom Media | Church Media Squad

“High points for Motion Worship from us. $79/yr.” Chester Cannon

“Check out Sunday Supply Co. Paul Jolicoeur


“..we do this over at Vive Media Co.” Aaron Rountree

Church Motion Graphics. Yes, they have motion backgrounds and sermon templates, but they have a lot of REALLY good ready to use social media graphics.” Nathanael Saylor

About Church Motion Graphics – CMG | Church Motion Graphics

“…Vibrant Agency is pretty much the best there is.” Jeff Watkins

A New Thing - Vibrant Agency


Each company comes with various capabilities, offers, price ranges, and more. Make sure to identify what you need help with to know what specific qualities you need to consider first before making a decision. You must look for someone that would suit your preferences and needs the most.




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