Church Communications Masterclass

The Church Communications Masterclass is an expertly crafted course designed for those dedicated to mastering the art of church communications. Guided by industry experts Katie Allred and Jason Hamrock, this masterclass offers a rich tapestry of learning experiences spanning various aspects of marketing and communications within a church context. The course is structured into 14 comprehensive lessons, each building upon the other to create a robust understanding of church communications.
Katie Allred · August 16, 2023

Course Structure and Highlights:

  1. Exclusive Content Access:
    • Each lesson offers exclusive, curated content combining marketing principles with practical church communication strategies.
    • Engaging activities, such as stakeholder identification and crafting a church communications plan.
  2. Guidance from Expertise:
    • Core lessons grounded in insights from Katie Allred’s book, “Church Communications: Methods and Marketing.”
    • Access to a vibrant community for sharing experiences and collaborative learning.
  3. Interactive and Practical Learning:
    • Real-life assignments including survey creation, email marketing strategies, and crisis management.
    • Practical skills in digital marketing, branding, public relations, and data analytics.
  4. Comprehensive Lessons:
    • Covering a range of topics from brand development to SWOT analysis, digital marketing, social media strategies, and public relations.
    • Each lesson designed to incrementally build comprehensive knowledge and skills.
  5. Final Project Implementation:
    • Culmination of the masterclass in the creation and presentation of a Church Communications Marketing Plan.
    • Practical application of concepts learned throughout the course.

Target Audience: This masterclass is ideal for church communication leaders, marketing enthusiasts in religious contexts, and anyone seeking to integrate effective marketing strategies with church communication initiatives.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion, participants will gain a profound understanding of church communication strategies, digital marketing tools, public relations techniques, and analytics. They will be equipped to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan specifically tailored to enhance church communications and outreach.

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Katie Allred

Katie Allred founded and manages the Church Communications Facebook Group that serves as a resource on marketing and communication strategies for over 30,000 church leaders.

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