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Create Unforgettable Easter Experiences for Online & In-Person Visitors


Subsplash Blog 2 - March 2024 - Thumbnail

Create Unforgettable Easter Experiences for Online & In-Person Visitors


Easter is a season of renewal and joy. It brings friends, families, and communities together to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death. It’s also a time that attracts more church attendees than any other time of the year, meaning the potential to share the message of hope is immense. 

Recent studies show over 25% of attendees are likely to attend your Easter service online this year. In our world that is so digital-focused, the question arises: How can pastors seamlessly connect with both in-person and online churchgoers?

Enter the concept of hybrid Easter services—an innovative approach that overcomes the limitations of in-person only or online only gatherings. By embracing a unified hybrid strategy, churches can create a cohesive experience that resonates with their community, reaching a broader audience and fostering year-round connection.

Providing your attendees with an engaging experience for people physically attending or participating online doesn’t happen overnight. Here are five simple steps your church can take to make this year’s Easter unforgettable. 


Creating Memorable Hybrid Easter Services: A Roadmap

Subsplash Blog 2 - March 2024 - Easter Theme Selection

1. Easter Theme Selection for Maximum Impact

Your Easter theme sets the stage for the celebration, creating a narrative that resonates with your church community. When choosing your theme, consider the season your congregation is currently facing—whether it’s hope, disappointment, peace, or anxiety. 

Seasonally relevant themes such as “The Hope of Easter,” “Victory Over the Grave,” or “All Things New” are more likely to connect with your people on an emotional basis, evoke anticipation, and attract more visitors.

Subsplash Blog 2 - March 2024 - Visual Storytelling

2. Visual Storytelling: Designing Graphics & Media

Once your theme is set, dive into creating captivating graphics and media. Your visuals should align with your church’s brand, creating a cohesive and compelling representation. 

Download your free 2024 Easter Media Kit from Subsplash with professionally designed customizable graphics, invitations, slides, and more. 

Subsplash Blog 2 - March 2024 - Online Tools

3. Online Tools Preparation

Ensure your online tools are finely tuned for the big celebration. Create a dedicated Easter section or page on your website and mobile app, featuring essential information such as service times, event calendars, and contact details. 

Also, be sure to test your live stream and equip your team with digital welcome forms to facilitate visitor connections during the online service.

Subsplash Blog 2 - March 2024 - Engaging Content

4. Engaging Easter Content Creation

Build anticipation and prepare your community by adding engaging content to your church’s website and mobile app. For example, churches using the Subsplash Platform can easily share daily prayer prompts, select The Chosen episodes, and curated Bible reading plans to immerse their congregations in the season of Easter. 

By offering diverse content across your website, mobile app, and social media, you connect with worshippers wherever they are.

Subsplash Blog 2 - March 2024 - In Person Experience

5. Elevating the In-Person Experience

Make your in-person Easter service an inviting and memorable experience. Train volunteers to welcome guests warmly, set up a well-staffed welcome booth, and provide clear signage for easy navigation. Other personal touches such as welcome cards, gift bags, and fun activities like a photo backdrop or an egg hunt will help make the day unforgettable.

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Have an Egg-citing Easter! 

By seamlessly blending online and in-person elements, your Easter hybrid service is poised for success—complete with a compelling theme, stunning visuals, engaging content, optimized digital tools, and a welcoming in-person experience that leaves a lasting impression.

We hope this information has been helpful and pray that you and your church have an amazing Easter this year. He is risen!


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