Creating a Memorable Easter for Your Church

Katie Allred

Creating a Memorable Easter for Your Church

Katie Allred

Easter is right around the corner. There are some things about Easter that never change on the logistical side of ministry. Easter is a day that happens once a year and is an amazing opportunity to encounter and welcome new families at your church. Having programming for all ages that is fresh and welcoming is important to retaining those families. Maybe you’re new to ministry and have a bunch of new ideas about how to reinvent the creative wheel, or maybe you’ve been in your role for 15 years and feel like you’ve done every option in the book. Below we’re going to walk through a few key aspects to create a memorable Easter.

Kids Ministry

Having programming for this age group is incredibly important. I can’t tell you the number of times in my church career that parents came back to church because that’s all their kids could talk about during the week. Having content in place that is made for children to connect with their peers and with Jesus is incredibly important. Children and youth are the future of the church, so invest in them early.


Production is another portion of Easter planning that I know takes a lot of intentional planning, preparation, and prayer. Your creative/production teams have to think through the flow of service and how every aspect fits together. If a service is disjointed it can be distracting to people who visit your church. Regardless of what’s on a screen, Christ can and will still move. But putting forth diligent and planned effort brings glory to the kingdom.

You can have the best kid’s ministry, youth programming, sermon series, band, the best everything- but if you don’t have a marketing plan in place to get people to come (or log on) and hear the Word of God, we’ve missed the mark as the Church. Having a marketing plan in place is the way you get people in your seats, or logged in online, to hear and experience the work your teams have spent weeks, if not months creating. Whether your marketing plan includes mailers, social media graphic content, YouTube teasers, paid ads, or anything else, having a strategic plan in place will be beneficial. This might seem intimidating and like a lot of moving pieces and… well, you’re right. But the good news is that you’re not alone. Church Marketing University and Text in Church has created an Ultimate Easter Package that contains materials to help you achieve everything discussed so far and more. The best news? All these materials are completely free. You can sign up for this kit by visiting Whether you’re looking for new ideas to spark creativity or the whole package, you’ve got full access at no cost! 

With this kit, we hope you have an easier Easter-planning-season, and even better and memorable Easter service(s).




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