Creative First-Time Guest Gifts

Katie Allred

Creative First-Time Guest Gifts

Katie Allred

Have you hit a creative road-block? Not sure what the best first-time guest gift is? Are you worried about finding something in your budget? Here’s your guide to creative first-time guest gifts! 


What is a first-time guest gift? 

A first-guest gift is a small token of appreciation to someone who attends one of your services. Typically, the gift isn’t given/sent until a connect card or some form to gather information has been received. It’s important to remember that your gift should:

  • Gain their contact info for follow-up purposes later
  • Show people that you care
  • Tell people a little about your church

Creative Ideas for Gifts

We’ve covered what a first-time gift is, now it’s time for the fun part…….. what should it be? 

Tumbler/Travel Coffe Mug

Now, you’re probably thinking, a lot of churches do tumblers or travel coffee mugs- why is that creative? Well…….. there’s a reason many people give them as first-time gifts. Vistors love them! Be careful, though. You don’t want it to feel like you’re trying to get your visitor to become an “influencer” rocking your band merch. Consider making it without your church logo. However, instead of just doing only a tumbler or coffee mug, make it unique. Add a hand-written note inside, along with some necessary information about your church. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a small gift card to a local shop. Not only does that show extra effort, but it also shows you support the small businesses in your community.


Journal & Pen

People always need pens and paper, right? A journal and pen with a note and information about your church slipped right inside is a classy, minimalistic way to connect with people. 


Pizza Box

A pizza box? What does that even mean? Well….. I’m so glad you asked. Daleville Community Church of the Nazarene gives their first-time guests a custom pizza box with their logo. Inside is a pizza gift card, information about their church, and a worship guide. Daleville uses a Pizza Hut gift card, but you could find any local pizza place to support your local community. 


Movie Night

The creativity keeps on coming, with some churches giving out a RedBox coupon, popcorn, and candy with a note saying “Have a fun night on us,” along with information about their services and church. We love this gift idea because it’s family-oriented. Everyone can enjoy the movie, popcorn, and candy, not just mom and dad. 



The possibilities for creative first-time guest gifts are endless. In this COVID era, some even have done masks and hand-sanitizer, which is a great idea. Those who have moved to online services and do digital connect cards, consider sending a first-time digital gift or something in the mail. People like to feel noticed, and first-time guest gifts are an excellent way to connect with new people and start conversations. For more ideas, check out this post on our Church Communications Facebook Group




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