Creative Ideas for Lead Generators in Church Marketing

Bart Blair

Creative Ideas for Lead Generators in Church Marketing

Bart Blair

Churches have a unique opportunity to connect with and engage their communities through innovative marketing strategies. One highly effective approach is the use of lead generators – valuable content or resources that attract potential members and encourage them to share their contact information. By creating and promoting compelling lead generators, churches can expand their reach and also foster meaningful relationships with individuals seeking spiritual guidance and community. Often churches fail to realize how much creativity and content that they have at their disposal to utilize for lead generation. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

  1. Transforming Sermons into eBooks or Devotionals

Sermons are the heart of many church services, providing wisdom, encouragement, and spiritual nourishment to attendees. However, their impact doesn’t have to be limited to the church walls. By transforming sermons into eBooks or devotionals, churches can extend the reach and longevity of their messages. These digital resources allow individuals to engage with the content at their own pace, reflect on the teachings, and share them with others.


To create an eBook or devotional, start by selecting a series of sermons that revolve around a central theme or topic. Transcribe the sermons and edit them for clarity and readability. Consider adding reflection questions, prayers, or action steps to make the resource more interactive and applicable to daily life. Once the eBook or devotional is complete, promote it through your church’s website, social media channels, and email lists, offering it as a free download in exchange for contact information. Using Ai tools such as Claude or ChatGPT can be an excellent time saver.

  1. Engaging Families with Activity Kits

Families are often the backbone of church communities, and providing resources that strengthen and support them is crucial. One way to attract and engage families is by creating themed activity kits that coincide with holidays or special occasions. These kits can include printable PDFs with arts, crafts, games, and discussion questions that families can enjoy together.


For example, a Christmas-themed activity kit might include printable ornament designs, a family devotional, and a nativity-themed game. A back-to-school kit could offer printable lunchbox notes with encouraging Bible verses, a prayer guide for students and teachers, and a family conversation starter about embracing new challenges. By offering these kits as free downloads on your church’s website or social media platforms, you can capture the interest of families seeking meaningful activities and spiritual support.

  1. Empowering Parents with Discipleship Resources

Parents play a vital role in the spiritual development of their children, but many feel ill-equipped or overwhelmed by the task. Churches can come alongside parents by providing resources that help them confidently disciple their children at home. These resources can take the form of prayer guides, Bible study materials, or age-appropriate devotionals.


Consider creating a series of monthly or quarterly discipleship packs that parents can access online. Each pack could focus on a specific aspect of faith formation, such as prayer, Bible study, service, or character development. Include a mix of hands-on activities, discussion prompts, and parent coaching tips to make the resources both engaging and practical. As parents download these packs and experience the benefits firsthand, they are more likely to share them with other families and invite them to join your church community.



Lead generators are a powerful tool in church marketing, allowing congregations to connect with and serve their communities in meaningful ways. As you implement these lead generator ideas, remember to promote them consistently, make them easily accessible, and always prioritize providing value and support to those who engage with your content. By doing so, your church will not only grow in numbers but also in its capacity to impact lives and advance its mission.




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