Death to Cheesy Stock Photos

Kyler Nixon

Death to Cheesy Stock Photos

Kyler Nixon

As long as there are church websites, there will be cheesy stock photos.

“The wise will heed the information in this blog post while the foolish will continue to use cheesy stock photos” – 2 Opinions 4:8

All jokes aside, if you’re reading this, you probably find yourself under-resourced and under-funded. You know that your website probably *should* have pictures of your own church/people, but the to-do list is never-ending and you don’t really have a photographer on call (or one that will work for free).

If you find yourself in this position, we’re here to help you find amazing free stock photos for your church.

Unsplash is an amazing website full of high resolution photosall completely free! Also, these are covered under a basic license that allows you to use them however you wish without crediting the author source.

I’ve scoured Unsplash for some of the best non-cheesy Church stock photos and created a collection of modern images that you can start using on your website right away. In addition, there’s a couple other collections that I found that might be useful as well.

We’ll continue to add to this collection so come back whenever you need a good stock photo. Enjoy!




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