Designing An Effective Carousel Post

Kenny Jahng

Designing An Effective Carousel Post

Kenny Jahng

Carousel posts are some of the most effective posts that you can provide on your social media platforms. These posts have been around for a while, but recently they’ve been picking up momentum in terms of how much they’re used.


So, if you’re looking to learn more about carousel posts, or trying to up your carousel post game; then check out the rest of this blog to learn about designing effective carousel posts.


The Intersection


There are three key components to an effective carousel post. They are the intersection, the attention grabber, and the body. First, we will cover the intersection.


The idea of the intersection is simple. With your carousel posts, the goal should be to have your post’s content intersect with a challenge your congregation may be having. And that problem can be anything.


What we are aiming to achieve here is bridging the gap between faith and culture. How can you use the experiences of the people you are trying to reach to spread the good news of Jesus?


The Attention Grabber 


The attention grabber is similar to the headline of a website or a magazine. It’s designed to capture the attention of people and get them interested in your post.


There are a lot of different kinds of attention grabbers that you can try out, so be sure to experiment with a lot and figure out which ones seem to work best.


One kind of attention grabber that you can try out is a rhetorical question. Make sure that it is something people will connect with. An example of this would be, “Struggling with anxiety?” Or, “Wanting to grow closer to God?” These are things that people can relate to and it will make them all the more willing to read through your carousel post.


Another kind of attention grabber that you can try is the list approach. With this approach, you display your header as a list. An example of this is, “5 ways to connect with God.”


The Body


The body contains the bulk of your carousel posts content. Here, you want to provide people with solid, theologically accurate content from scripture. 


While you want the body of your carousel post to be helpful, you don’t necessarily need it to be jam-packed with wisdom. Try to keep your topics short and sweet and to the point, while still being insightful.




With carousel posts growing in popularity, it’s important to be learning how to use them. Following these three steps while creating each of your carousel posts is going to leave you with some of the most impactful social content that you can use.



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