Digital Strategy To Reach Unchurched People

Katie Allred

Digital Strategy To Reach Unchurched People

Katie Allred

One of our top priorities as church leaders is to reach out and connect to the unchurched. Since we cannot literally go out to our communities due to the ongoing pandemic, we can’t just go about it the conventional way. Instead, we need to utilize a digital strategy to reach unchurched people.

Our mere online presence is not enough. We have to go beyond that. So how do we connect to the unchurched virtually? What strategies can we create so that we could relate to them? We can learn more about this from our Facebook members’ comments compiled below.


“This idea HAUNTED ME… I literally couldn’t sleep. So we integrated social media into our discipleship process and we called our leaders INFLUENCERS. We saw HUGE growth! Over 1,000 real followed in 10 weeks. We found the best way to reach people online is to reach your people better. Our system is specifically built for youth ministries but because of its success we are adapting it for Adults and Children’s ministries.” Chris Moore

“Just started offering a toll-free phone number to call to listen to worship services over the phone.” Vicki McCurdy DeVol

“One simple tactic that can be part of a larger strategy: create helpful content that people are searching for or want to read. for example, how to manage kids screen time or restaurants with outdoor seating where kids eat free.” Michael Lukaszewski

“Webinars -> Seminars -> Online Groups.” Brian Beauford

“Create funnels and content that help people. People that don’t know or go to your church probably aren’t looking for it. But they are looking for parenting tips, raising teenagers, managing money, understanding Christianity, and tons of neat topics in between.” Andrew Peters

“The key to making disciples is group engagement with the Word with obedience to Jesus and loving accountability. Do that and you’ll get far down the road.” Alan Kurdi

“We run a stream of felt need ads constantly (relationships, depression, parenting, etc) and point them to landing pages with either more information, or maybe a past sermon on the topic. This plus ads for whatever series we’re in always point to lead generation forms that we turn into “Plan Your Visits”. From there staff reach out from our locations and set up their visit. This plus invite strategy is our largest growth point atm.” Colton Watson


Allow your online presence to be as active as your in physical presence. Make it easier for the unchurched to reach out to you digitally, and it will be easier for you to connect to them as well. We truly hope that this discussion has given you ideas to implement a digital strategy to reach unchurched people. Aside from all these suggestions, the best thing we could do is seek the heart of Christ through it all. Ask God for guidance. Always remember that the growth of your church is the growth of His Kingdom!


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