Community Discussion: Discovering Spiritual Gifts

Katie Allred

Community Discussion: Discovering Spiritual Gifts

Katie Allred

As followers deepen their walk with Christ, they seek to discover their spiritual gifts.

As a church leader, it is part of your job to encourage spiritual development in your church members. Nurturing your congregations’ spiritual growth can assume many forms. Many churches suggest becoming a volunteer with the church as a means to deepening their connection to Christ. However, for the folks who aren’t singers and can’t join the worship team, or for those members who feel overwhelmed in a playroom full of toddlers, it can be hard to know where they fit. So how can you help them discover their God-given gifts? 

Here are some resources recommended by our Facebook group members… 

Discover Spiritual Gifts Using These Books:

“We use this as part of our member growth track. I love it, and we get a ton of solid feedback,” states Kim Adams.

“Havilah Cunnington has a few resources on that. Also, Kris Vallotton’s book Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry touches on a lot and is really good as well,” raves Jada Mondragon.

Know Your Ministry: Spiritual Gifts for Every Believer has been helpful to Michele Jackson Alexander

“Anything by Sam Storms will offer a really balanced approach to Word and Spirit. I’ve learned a ton from him!” exclaims Staci Wykes.

 Spiritual Gifts Quizzes

“Discover your YOUnique Spiritual Gifts & God’s Design for Your Life & Purpose,” commented Steve Perky.

Uniquely You is a spiritual gifts assessment and a personality assessment combined. It’s been a great resource for our church,” Jessica Wilson Manuel says.

Matt Carlisle suggested utilizing Discipleship Ministries’ Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

Healthy Growing Leaders is recommended by Ben Hedgspeth.

David J. Soto praises “The Spiritual Gift Test,”  

Additional Resources

We offered this at our parish. I really enjoyed it.” Lani Gutzwiller Brouwer vouches for Catherine of Siena Institute’s spirituality workshop.

This one is kinda fun,” remarks Alex Watson.

Radio Teaching Series: Shaped To Make a Difference,” has made a difference for Gracemarie Hartley Peters.

“Alan Hirsch’s 5Q and The Forgotten Ways have an emphasis on the spiritual gifting of the church body and the importance of balance,” says Kevin Miller.

In a blog post, Willow Creek Community Church details techniques for gaining clarity on your spiritual gifts. These techniques were recommended by Linda Master-Parker.

“Our church did the 210 Project last year and many found it quite helpful in not just discovering but understanding their gifts,” claims Celeste Paulson Manuel.


While these resources can be helpful tools to discern the talents God bestowed upon us using these resources, we shouldn’t forget the Bible. As the original guide, it will help uncover the tools God granted us to fulfill the plan he has for our lives. 

1 Corinthians 12:11:  “All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.”




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