Discussion: Better Ways to Say “No Entry”

Katie Allred

Discussion: Better Ways to Say “No Entry”

Katie Allred

Do you have a section of your church that isn’t open to the public? Maybe it’s under construction. Maybe it’s the security room. Maybe it’s where you keep expensive equipment. Most churches have those types of spaces, but how do we nicely tell people to go the other way? Does “No Entry” sound too harsh? If so, feel free to try out some of these fun examples that our members came up with. 


“None Shall Pass” and the (picture of) black knight from the Holy Grail, and the “no one simply walks into Mordor” meme but saying whatever room or hall you’re trying to keep closed.” Victoria Hague

“Sometimes it’s better to be direct…or you could say “do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around” Sherry Polk

“This is not the hallway you are looking for” with an Obi-Wan pic” Jeanne Erner Thiemann

“You shall not pass – Gandolf the gray.” Dustin Williams 

“Wet paint!” Daniel Diaz de Leon

“Job 38:11a (ESV): Thus far shall you come, and no farther…” Andrew Pegram 

“With you my friend, I mean to make no foe. But past this point you must not go. (with Yoda’s picture) or “We must draw the line here! Go no farther!” (by Picard in Star Trek)” Eden Carlton 

“These came from another church who blocked areas with blue painter’s tape:

        ‘Moses crossed the Red Sea. You aren’t Moses. Don’t cross the blue tape”, “Only the High Priest went to certain places in the Temple. Only he can cross this blue tape (and we don’t mean ________ (pastors’s name))”, “Jesus is everywhere. You aren’t. Don’t be past this blue tape.” Christina McDaniel 

“Turn back now, Pillars of Salt only beyond this point.” Gary Weatherhead 


While it’s simple just to say “No Entry,” people appreciate small & unexpected things. Using one of these fun twists will brighten up anyone’s day.

Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments?


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