Discussion: Facebook Post Scheduling

Katie Allred

Discussion: Facebook Post Scheduling

Katie Allred

Running a social media account is not an exact science. If you handle your church’s accounts, chances are you have a lot of posts to keep up with. It’s not easy. That’s why a lot of social media gurus are using post schedulers. They can really help you stay on top of your various tasks. You may have already discovered that Facebook even has its on own built-in scheduling feature. If you’re using something other than Facebook, such as Instagram or Twitter, you’ll have to use an outside app if you want to schedule. So what’s the best way to go?


Dorenda Brooks asked our Facebook group,

“Is it better to manually input Social Media posts into their native site, or to use a scheduler?”

In the discussion below, some of our members share their strategies for approaching post scheduling.

“I believe Facebook gives more exposure to posts generated natively, and downgrades content posted by third-parties. Their new Creator Studio is great for scheduling and content management on both Facebook and Instagram.” – Joshua Dufford

“Facebooks wants it natively, and downgrades posts from schedulers from what I understand. So I post and schedule posts natively in Facebook and use Hootsuite for twitter & Instagram posts & scheduling.” – Justin Emanuel

“Facebook used to give favor to native scheduled posts. This is no longer the case. I’ve done the test cases myself over and over. I can find no difference in exposure in native posts or 3rd party posts.” – Bill Aumack


If you’re using Facebook, you may or may not lose exposure for using a third party scheduling app. If there’s a third party app you really like, go ahead and try it. See how it works for you. If you’re posting on other social media platforms, find a post scheduler app that works for you. We give three great recommendations in this post: Top 3 Social Media Solutions for your Church




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