Discussion: Must-Have Skills for Church Comms Positions

Katie Allred

Discussion: Must-Have Skills for Church Comms Positions

Katie Allred

Though there are common traits that all people in communication jobs must have, there are some skills that are especially needed when you’re going to work at a church. No matter how big or small the church is, there are specific skills that you must have to be an effective church communicator.

Here are some of the essential qualities that churches look for in their church communicators, according to the members of our Facebook group:


“As a gal who landed her church communications director completely unqualified, (I) nailed that interview. My resume highlighted my internship in marketing and customer service, but my interview was why I got hired over another guy who was WAY more qualified. Focus on the Mission and Jesus. If they know you’re passionate about creating and growing disciples and spreading the Good News, then it’s up to them and God!” Starr Stackhouse 

“I would review their website and social channels and make a suggestion of what you would add/change. I am always looking for people that have ideas to improve our presence.” Karol Scott

“I was a writing major, so I didn’t have all of the credentials you already have. But I did go on to become a Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing from the American Marketing Association. It was a pretty extensive test. I got it after I got my church communications job, but it helped me feel more confident in the SEO and UI/UX side of things. It’s pricey but provides pretty good resources and is good for three years. I’m also currently working on my Excel certification, but I’m really into the analytics side of things (currently getting an MS in Business Analytics).” Abbie Amiotte

“Start volunteering in whatever church you’re at right now. Like today! Get all the experience you can. That is what is most valuable in my experience. My church has a staff of 10 full time, and almost every single one of us was hired from within and started as a volunteer. I was a volunteer, then 10-20hr week/part-time, before I became full-time Communications Director.” Kylie McCracken 

“We just hired someone, and I️ was looking to fill the gaps on my team. The things I️ was looking for most were: Creative Cloud, managing social media (not just using it), digital design, and marketing. I didn’t care about certifications; I cared more about the experience and a portfolio.” Michaela Lorraine 

“Be brief, brilliant, genuine, and communicate your value to whom you are applying to. Focus more on the ‘match’ between your skills and the potential employer, less on your career, and more about what those skills can contribute. Deeply develop your ability to collaborate well, and, at the same time, solidly build your creativity in respectfully serving up new ideas. Be continually asking our Creator/Father/Friend for guidance.” John Melby


More so, potential church communicators should have ideas for the improvement of the communications department of their chosen church. Being able to convey your visions and how to achieve your goals in a way that is engaging to the people around you is not easy, but it’s undoubtedly one of the many skills that will help you become an efficient and effective church communicator.

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