Does Your Church Need an Email List

Does Your Church Need an Email List

Katie Allred

Does Your Church Need an Email List

Does Your Church Need an Email List

Katie Allred

Email lists seem like a no-brainer for larger companies looking to market themselves. An email list is a way to remind their followers of upcoming sales or advertise a new product. But does your church need an email list?

Although your church may not be a huge multi-million dollar company, your church should market itself. But if you’re still not convinced, we’re going to break down the reasons why your church needs an email list.

Everyone Has Email

While not everyone hopped on the FaceBook train or documents their life on Instagram, everyone has an email. Maybe not a five-year-old, but everyone who can drive themselves has an email. Whether it’s for work, writing letters, or receiving coupons from their favorite fabric store, email offers a wide range of professional and personal services that other social media platforms cannot supplement. For this reason, even the members of Gen Z sign up for emails.

Since everyone has an email, you know that whatever announcement, reminder, or sermon you want to send, will reach your whole congregation. Not just a fragment of it.

If you need even more reasons to have an email marketing strategy, look at this OutReach article.

Increase Website Traffic

Directing people to your website is an important part of establishing your church’s online presence. Your website is the brain of your church, and emails can show your congregation the fastest way to pick it.

Want to get people involved in online discussion boards on your website? Send out an email.

Advertising small group sign up on your website? Let folks know in an email.

Got a wicked cool gallery of baptisms (pardon the oxymoron)? Show it to your congregation by sending an email.

You get the idea. Just make sure to include the link in your email. No one wants to hunt and peck for it. And if you want tips and tricks for directing people to your website through email, check out this article by Jonathan Talley.

Invite People To Your Christmas Program

The holidays are coming up fast! Email is a quick, easy, and cheap way to get the word out about your Christmas service.

Emails might not be as flashy as a social media post, but if people keep seeing your church’s name in their inbox, they’re going to be reminded. Even if they don’t open every email, your presence in their inbox will likely do the trick.

While your Christmas service might look a little different in these COVID times, your attendance doesn’t have to be lowered.

Take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal, and make sure as many people as possible hear the good news this holiday season.

If you’re looking for more ways to invite people to your Christmas service, here is a helpful article full of resources for your church.





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