Drive-in Church?

Katie Allred

Drive-in Church?

Katie Allred

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Large gatherings have been prohibited, social distancing is highly encouraged, and church services are obviously cancelled. While services may not occur conventionally, a “drive-in” style could be one way to carry out services while maintaining social distance. We can still spread the Word of God without having to spread the virus!

Preparing for a Drive-in Church

Just like a drive-in theater, people could gather together in parking lots to listen to the church’s service through FM radio in the comfort of their own car. Various churches have already started practicing this in response to the temporary ban on large social gatherings. But before implementing this, you need a plan. First, you should get approval from local government and health officials before holding the event. Clarify with your county health board before investing time or money.

At drive-in locations, churches could turn their parking lots into massive drive-in theaters. Assign ushers or greeters who will guide the cars through the parking lot, making sure there is a maintained distance between members. To broadcast the service, set up an FM transmitter, or better yet, ask a local radio station to broadcast for you! If that’s not an option, you could set up a sound system to ensure that the service will be heard by all attendees. That is of course if you aren’t streaming your services online already.

Perhaps volunteers could figure out a safe way to organize sanitary donation-drops from your congregation such as water bottles, the coveted toilet paper, or similar items for people in need.


Church is the place people often fall back on in times of distress. Even though people need to maintain distance during these times, we can still work collectively to worship together, pray together, and keep our sense of community intact. Most churches are streaming online, but maybe a church “drive-in” could be a fun solution as well. This way we encourage each other and remind each other to look to Jesus amidst these uncertain circumstances.




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