Easter Advertising

Katie Allred

Easter Advertising

Katie Allred

As the church, we celebrate Easter to collectively celebrate and reflect on Christ’s resurrection. Easter is also a time when many unbelievers choose to visit church. In this digital age, church communicators should get ready for the big day by advertising on social media. Below, we’ve included some tips to help you take advantage of the best advertising options.


Getting the word out on Facebook is most easily accomplished through boosted posts. To boost a post, you need to pick a target audience, decide how much money you want to spend on the campaign, and decide how long you want to run the ad.

If you want to exercise a bit more control, look into Facebook ads. They’re created through Ads Manager and offer more advanced custom settings. Choose different ad placements, use specific objectives, maintain creative control, and use more advanced targeting solutions for your audience. Your ads can even appear on the home tab of Messenger, providing even more opportunities for people to see them.


Like Facebook, Instagram has a built-in ads program. In order to access it, you need to make sure that your account is set to a business profile with the appropriate specifications. Then, you can pay to promote a specific post or a story. Posts are typically featured in landscape mode. Stories are full-screen, vertical images, and they make it easier to include a web link. So, story ads and posts should be created independently of each other.


The most effective type of YouTube ads come in the form of pre-roll videos. They appear directly before viewers watch a video. These ads can last up to two minutes long, but the recommended duration is 15-25 seconds. You can strategically choose your audience, and YouTube also partners with a number of video production agencies that can help you create ad videos on a budget.


Google has an ad program called Google ads. Advertisers pay to display brief ads, offer product listings, video content, and more. Google offers a variety of services, including AdWords campaigns and banner ads. Algorithms help to ensure that your ads show up for people searching relevant topics. And Google can work with any budget, allowing you to set a cap on how much you spend.


That’s a lot of general advertising information, and you could use it for anything. But with Easter approaching, it is an especially beneficial time to think about it. Lots of visitors will be looking for a church to attend this Easter, and maybe you can use some of these ad services to help them find one. Use the opportunity to reach people all over your community with the Gospel.


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