Event Registration with People in Mind

Kenny Jahng

Event Registration with People in Mind

Kenny Jahng

There are a lot of aspects that go into planning an event. With all there is to consider, it’s important to remember that you have to plan around those who you are hoping will attend. No matter who it will be, you want to make sure you provide a safe, comfortable space for the people who come to the event. 


Maybe your event is outdoors, then you’ll have to prepare for potential rain. If your event is indoors, you’ll need to plan to hold as many people as you can; or however many people register to come.


With all you have to do to plan the event, it is important that you have the people you want to come to mind. The registration part of your event may be the most important part of all. By setting up a registration platform, you can see how many people plan on coming to your event. Once you have all the details you asked for in the registration, then you can plan accordingly.



With whatever you’re planning, it can be difficult to accommodate the number of people you hope will attend your event. Make sure you consider a few possible days, and times for your event. Statistically, you can pick a day and time that may work out better, and will show a higher attendance. Also, make sure your registration includes specific arrival and event times. 


Having more details are the better in this case. You want to make sure that those who are registering are aware of specific times to avoid mass confusion. This will allow for your event to run smoothly, and for those in attendance to feel confident in when they shoule be there and when things start and finish.


Another time aspect to consider in your registration is the amount of time people will have to be able to register for your event. Set a game plan with emails, texts, posters, flyers, and any other way you want to spread the word. Allow for a link to the registration forms to be a part of anything you use to spread the word. Do this ahead of time, to make sure you allow people time to plan to come to your event and to invite others to register as well.



When setting up registration, sometimes you have to set a limit on how many people can attend. You may not want to, but depending on the space for the event, you may only be able to accommodate a small number of people. Have you ever been to an event and you feel like there just may be too many people for the space? This makes people feel uncomfortable, and it may lead to a low attendance number at your next event. 


To avoid this, consider the event type, and how many people you want to attend. Perhaps, use your data from the last, similar, event, and pick a venue that will provide enough space. Once you have selected your venue, figure out its occupancy number. With this, you can set your registration at a certain limit. You can allow for the potential max attendance at your event, and those who register will feel comfortable and enjoy it!


Age and Group Specifics

Depending on the event you’re having, make sure your registration specifies the age or group that can attend your event. If it’s a kids’ event, make sure to specify. And if it is for youth, adults, or whatever it may be always make sure to include that information. If there is no specific age or group for that particular event, then make sure to specify that too. 


If you are holding an event that you are certain parents will be attending, consider planning on providing child care. If this is something you can provide at your event, allow a place in the registration for these parents to add whether or not they will be needing child care, how many kids, and of what ages. Most parents who may want to attend probably need childcare provided to help make their evening easier. 


Registration Payment

Depending on your event type, you may need to charge a fee for people to attend. Is the price cheaper to pre-order your spot when you register online? Will it cost more at the door? These are all things to consider when setting a price, if any, for your event. During the registration process, specify what the price is and if the payment is due right when they register or not. Some events offer an option to register and pay when they arrive. You can do both, but if your venue can only hold a certain amount of people, you may want to only have the option of paying online. 


If you’re asking for donations at your event for a certain cause or mission, consider asking for donations on the registration page as well as at the event. This will give people the ability to donate either online or in person. 


Online Event Registraion

Nowadays, there are a lot more events that are being held online. Taking everything above into account, you want a specific time for the event, time to advertise and promote it. You definitely want to get the word out and get people excited for the online event. Find out how many people your online event can hold then you can set your registration accordingly. The age and group of people can be specified at the online registration, to avoid confusion for anyone wanting to join the event.


Online events can either be live or recorded. You can set a time and day for your live event, plan speakers (if there are guest speakers), and plan to have good wifi connections. Or, you can pre-record your event, guest speakers, or anything you want to include and have a release date. 



No matter your event, whether in person or online, there can be a lot to consider. It is important that your event registration is specific and avoids confusion. It allows for ample time to plan on your end, and for those wanting to attend to have enough time to plan their time around the event. Whatever it may be, you can guarantee a smooth event when you have given people the right registration. This gives them the opportunity to share information with you that will help you better plan for your event.



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