Featured Member of the Week: Starr Stackhouse

Katie Allred

Featured Member of the Week: Starr Stackhouse

Katie Allred

What’s your name?

Starr Stackhouse

Where do you serve, what is your title, and how long have you served there?

Resurrection Lutheran Church in Monticello, MN as their Communications Director. I have been there for three and a half years.

How would you describe your job to someone who doesn’t go to church?

I tell people I am in charge of promoting, marketing and spreading the news of Jesus online.

What were some of the things that you experienced that shaped the way you approach your work?

I think any testimony from those that have found Christ and grown in a loving relationship with Him through Resurrection. As I’ve been more exposed to those stories I have begun to shape my work around storytelling and evoking emotion rather than information.

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about your job?

That it’s not just computer work, it’s about working hard to bring more to Christ.

What is the one tool for your job that you can’t live without, and why?

Oh, definitely Creator Studio. My brain is one big jumbled mess of details and once something leaves my brain it doesn’t usually come back. Creator Studio lets me get those Facebook and Instagram posts scheduled and off the to-do list.

What is the biggest mistake that you see churches making when it comes to communications and marketing?

Trying to trick people into coming by only advertising the fun and not mentioning Jesus. You can easily slip one Jesus statement into your marketing that won’t throw people off because you’re a church. What does throw people off is when you pretend you’re more about fun than the Gospel. Just stay true to your mission.

Who is someone that you look up to in the church communications world?

Brady Shearer all the way! I’m 23 and seeing where he was at when he was 23 is completely inspiring. He’s my hero and I’d love to meet him one day.

Your answers are such a delight to read, Starr! We totally agree with you that the most important thing that communicators should always keep in mind is to stay true to your mission. We hope everyone in the community continues to share the same thinking as that of yours.

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