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Five Inspiring Churches Who Are Acing Their Social Media Game

Katie Allred

Five Inspiring Churches Who Are Acing Their Social Media Game

Katie Allred

As church communicators, we build up our church’s influence through branding, content and programs through every platform out there. Social media is just one of the platforms which we can maximize – with its multiple channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Are you ready to look at which churches are credited for acing their social media game?

Elevation Worship

There is no doubt that Elevation Worship keeps on inspiring others as their social media exudes electric passion – a passion that is contagious. Check out the Facebook page and Instagram to see what we mean by electric passion and great energy.

Facebook Page: Elevation Worship
Instagram: @elevationworship

Vous Church

Vous Church is one of the churches that are very active in Facebook and Instagram but despite their being active, they never fail to be consistent with their content. Everything just looks so in sync and effective. Take a peak on their social media accounts.

Facebook Page: Vous Church
Instagram: @vouschurch

Bethel Church, Redding

The content of Bethel Church portrays their openness to new visual and presentation style. They come up with a lot of new styles as seen on their posts and everything is just so modern-looking and actually easy on the eyes. Check them out!

Facebook Page: Bethel Church
Instagram: @bethel

Canvas Church

A very unique take on content and visuals – this is the impression to Canvas Church’s social media accounts. They have this certain look that are uncommon and it brings in fresh inspirations. Have a look at their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Facebook Page: Canvas Church
Instagram: @canvaschurch

Calvary Church

Calvary Church combines freshness and clarity to their social media channels that they actually have great visuals plus very straightforward messages. Big fonts and shortened messages  play a big role here. Take a look at their accounts to know what’s up!

Facebook Page: Calvary Church
Instagram: @calvarychurchcc


These churches are commendable for their hard work – especially their communications team who are clearly doing a great job. Now, get inspired and apply what you learn!




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