Four Ways Live Streaming Builds the Church

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It has been previously predicted that the video streaming market will be worth $70 billion dollars by 2021. The market expands daily, and we’re expected to see live video streaming take over our online world sooner rather than later.

But how can live streaming be used to help build, connect, and grow your church?

Live streaming connects you to your congregation.

We see that live streaming is becoming a more and more popular way to produce real-time content for your congregation. By choosing to live stream at your organization, you are given the ability to connect with them immediately during the service and engage with them as your stream is live. This response to any needs and concerns in real time creates a direct connection with your congregants, establishing a strong relational foundation for the future.

Live streaming allows you to reach more people.

By bringing your service online with live streaming, you are automatically reaching new faces and places. Capturing your worship service and sharing online gives your organization the opportunity to share the message with people all over the world, as well as people that you might not have reached in your direct physical community. With the use of live streaming, your organization creates an opportunity to share content with those online that might not be ready to step into a worship service.

Live streaming bridges your congregation together.

Sometimes life is busy and you can’t make it to church. We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re traveling for work or even on a family vacation, but with live streaming as an option, you give those congregants the opportunity to come together with other believers for worship, no matter where they are in the world. Another great example of live streaming impacting your congregation is remembering that you’re able to still share worship with those who might not be able to make it to church because of physical conditions or sickness.

Live streaming gives you the opportunity to share more.

We see that live streaming gives brands the ability to showcase more of the organization’s personality, creating authenticity with users and congregants. For your church, that can mean taking your congregation behind the scenes of worship rehearsal or even hosting a live question and answer session with your pastor following the end of a series. With sharing other events like a young adult gathering, or even a Christmas concert, you’re able to show potential congregants what your church is all about and other areas they can get involved.

As you search for your streaming provider, make sure you find the perfect fit for your organization that will walk alongside as it continues to grow. This includes looking for aspects like streaming quality, reliability, services with analytics, and customer care.

Big name social media platforms have now provided live streaming options for all users, so why not use that opportunity for a stronger connection with your church by investing in a streaming provider that makes your video content stand out above the rest?

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