Free & Affordable Photoshop Tutorials

Katie Allred

Free & Affordable Photoshop Tutorials

Katie Allred

Looking for ways to ramp up your church materials? Want to use Adobe Photoshop for your graphics but don’t know how to use it? No need to worry! Here are some free and affordable Photoshop tutorials you might want to check out!

  1. – Now connected to LinkedIn learning, offers different online courses, classes, and tutorials, including tutorials for Photoshop and other designing software. They offer a free trial for 1 month.
  2. Phlearn – For only $12.99 per month, you could learn Photoshop and more with Phlearn. You could have unlimited access to all of their tutorials and stream at home from your computer or anywhere using your mobile devices.
  3. Skillshare – Offering free and premium subscriptions, Skillshare is an online learning community that offers educational videos. They have Photoshop tutorials and much more. Their approach is to learn by interaction, by students collaborating and completing projects, rather than by lectures only. 
  4. Pro Church Media – This site is a resource for church creative leaders. Besides their library of photos and content for church media, they also have tutorials for different software – including how to use and utilize Photoshop for your creative needs.
  5. Youtube – Of course, Youtube is home to lots of different tutorials online. That content is only a search away. Channels like Adobe’s official Photoshop Channel, PixImperfect, and Photoshop Training Channel are just some of the great ones to check out on Youtube.

These resources could be a great help to you as a church creative! Hopefully you can pass the information along to your church staff and volunteers as well.




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