Funniest Church Communicator Experiences

Katie Allred

Funniest Church Communicator Experiences

Katie Allred

Recently, we asked church communicators to share the funniest experiences their jobs have brought them. The stories they submitted are both entertaining and hilariously relatable.

Here, we have compiled the funniest entries from our “You Can’t Be Serious” post thread:

“The computer froze during the first worship song. I got a round of applause after restarting and getting lyrics up in time for the second song. I’m grateful for an awesome worship leader who keeps his cool when the tech doesn’t work.” – Allyn Glenn-Angell, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

“I gave our kids lollipops before worship started. Many of the kids were still eating them when they went up front for the children’s moment. The pastor asked them, just out of curiosity, where they got them. The kids wouldn’t tell. Finally, one kid said I did it. It was so funny. Guess they didn’t want him to know where the stash was.” – Nanette Moore

“The Associate Pastor is using an old mic that we know cuts in and out, but we haven’t gotten rid of it for some unknown-but-inevitably-stupid reason. Even when it isn’t cutting out, it isn’t turned on until a few seconds after she has started talking because the sound volunteer is permanently behind the cue. The Senior Pastor, Minister of Worship, Executive Director, and (staff) Audio Tech are all off/out of town. Why? Just. Why?” – Samantha Garrett, Royal Oak First United Methodist

“An adult urinated all over himself and a brand new chair. (He) kept switching seats. I now have four that need to be shampoo’d.” – Evelyn Warren, Bridges Interfaith Campus Ministry

“After 18 years on staff, I got called out in the sermon for the first time. I did a series of FaceBook posts this week featuring pictures of our pastors with their kids. I totally went behind their backs and had their wives supply the pictures. Pastor picked on me for unauthorized posting and joked that my evaluation is coming up- all in good fun. He then used the picture to illustrate part of his message. I was on the back row in our last service and saw a lot of people that know me looking around to see how I was reacting. I wonder now if people were looking for me in the other services too.” – Katrina Putnam McMillan, Celebration Baptist Church

“Newer sound guy un-muted the wrong mic at the beginning of the sermon in 1st service. Took about 45 seconds to get the pastor’s mic working. *It happens. No biggie.* 2nd service -EXACT SAME THING, AGAIN.” – Nate Mosley, Grace Christian Church

“When pastor announced we would read the Athanasian Creed for Trinity Sunday, there was an audible NO. Our new person clicking service slides goofed a bit and I was accused of not doing a competent job prepping for worship. One is funny, one needs to be forgiven. Glad we are in the forgiveness business.” – Pam Mork

“I forgot to uncheck “editable” in final cut so you could see the “this text is editable blah blah blah” during our announcements.” – Meagan Russell




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