Generating More Traffic to Your Church Website

Kenny Jahng

Generating More Traffic to Your Church Website

Kenny Jahng

It can be extremely difficult to come up with new and different ways of generating traffic. So what can you do to get more people to visit your church website? What is next? Where do you start? These are great questions. 

Keep reading to learn 4 ways on how you can get more people to check out your church website.

Include keywords

Be sure to use keywords in your content. Use keywords throughout the post and page title.

This will allow your website to be more visible to people searching for you on the internet.

Promote your website on social media

Keep your website where people will see it. Be sure to promote your website on social media

platforms. Share a variety of posts (blogs, graphics, highlight an upcoming sermon series, or

post a recent sermon) to attract visitors to your website. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.

Include interesting posts. Interact with comments relating to posts. Staying visible on social media platforms will help guide visitors to your website.

Create content

Make sure that your content is fresh and up-to-date. No one benefits from seeing Christmas announcements on your website in July. Include blog posts on your website. Blog posts generate more visits to your website. Also, the more posts that are on your website, the more traffic will be generated. Try including at least sixteen posts each month. Working carefully and purposefully will help increase your website traffic.

Produce content that people want to see.

Try sending an email

Sending emails is another means of guiding traffic to your website. Make emails attractive

and enticing. Consider sharing content that will make people want to know more about your

church. Include links that direct the reader to your website. Remember to make emails mobile-friendly – make it easy for people to learn more about you!


We know that you have created your website to reach visitors and members alike. Try these

helpful tips to ensure that your website generates traffic that allows it to reach more people.

Websites are an important way that members and visitors can learn more about and register

for upcoming events and engage in ministry opportunities. 





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