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Gloo Connects 150,000 People Across the U.S. to Local Churches


Gloo Connects 150,000 People Across the U.S. to Local Churches


BOULDER, Colo. — Gloo, the leading technology innovator whose platform releases the collective might of the faith ecosystem, celebrates the milestone today of connecting 150,000 people across the United States to churches in their local communities.
Gloo’s platform connects a diverse range of denominations, churches, individuals, partners, and donors across the country.


One way Gloo connects is through outreach ads, content, prayer and events run by Gloo’s campaign partners. When individuals intersect with these partners and reach out with questions about faith or the need for prayer and help, they have the option of connecting with a church in their local community. When they opt in, there is a responding church on the other end, ready to serve. Gloo equips thousands of these church responders with innovative tools, world-class resources and personalized support to serve new connections well.


“Faith leaders and pastors have such deep hearts to serve their communities. At Gloo, we focus on equipping churches to fulfill their mission of reaching and serving people in need,” said Scott Beck, co-founder and CEO of Gloo. “Today, we’re seeing high growth in the number of people responding to digital outreach and getting connected to churches — on average, we’re matching a new person to a church every three minutes. We make it a priority to serve and equip the pastors and leaders on the front line, so they can help more people along a growth journey.”


Gloo enables cooperative outreach by partnering with a wide range of campaign partners, including K-LOVE and He Gets Us. One partner, Churches Care runs digital ads on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google on topics including faith, relationships, vocation, finance and health. When a person responds to an ad, they can provide their information to be connected to a church in their local area. The church can message the individual directly through the Gloo platform and help them with their inquiry, often resulting in the person receiving prayer, help for a need and even visiting that church in person.


“We are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone in Gloo’s history of connecting 150,000 people to churches. It’s incredible to consider how many individuals we have helped together with partners and churches. In July 2021 we launched in only five cities, running ads with one campaign partner, Churches Care, and today, we have expanded to cities nationwide with 10 campaign partners,” said Devon Kline, director of Gloo’s Explorer Connections program. “Gloo is at the beginning of helping one million people in our country take the next step on their spiritual journey. Our goal is to serve more churches and empower church leaders with different technology, resources and tools so they can focus on the relationships and people they are serving.”



Gloo is a powerful platform that releases the collective might of the faith ecosystem. As the leading technology innovator, Gloo connects people, partners, world-class content, funding opportunities and more to help ministry achieve their goals and change more lives. Gloo is based in Boulder, Colorado, employing a team of more than 150 people.

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