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Church Communications

Facebook Group

What is the Church Communications Facebook Group?

The Church Communications Group is a Facebook Group for church communicators and creatives. We encourage and equip each other by sharing expertise, asking questions, and offering ideas about branding, graphic design, the web, social media, print design, and other related topics.

✅ Share tips and stories with your fellow church communicators
✅ Seek advice on challenges you encounter in your church.
✅ Brainstorm new strategies for growing your church.

Group Guidelines

We invite you to introduce yourself, ask questions, share ideas, and dive into discussions.

Please participate in a kind and collaborative way, and exercise respect and consideration while here. Being in the group is a privilege, not a right.

Don’t be a jerk. Vulgar and offensive remarks will be deleted. We have zero-tolerance for bullies.

Post in weekly features: You Can’t Be Serious Sunday; Ask Anything! Monday; #TourTuesday; What Are You Working On? Wednesday; Feedback Thursday; Blog Post Friday; Nice to Meet You! Saturday.

Posts about event listings, referral/affiliate links, personal blog posts, product advertisements, classifieds, memes, surveys, and non-native photo/video/written content may be deleted without notice at the discretion of the administration.

Search the group before posting. Most often your question has been asked before and has been answered.

Don’t ask for technical support for a certain software. Often your question can be answered by a quick Google search or tweet to that company.

Spread the word and invite others to join the group.

Going “LIVE” is prohibited without prior consent from the admin team.

Answer questions and feel free to include links to blogs (including your own) when answering a question.

Don’t create an original post promoting yourself or your service.

Post funny GIFs. All the GIFs.

We have churches from across the globe in our group so differing theological views will happen. Our forum is not a place for theological debate and will be shut down.