Handling Restricted Attendance

Katie Allred

Handling Restricted Attendance

Katie Allred

2020 has been a year with COVID-19, lockdowns, and travel bans, and 2021 is not far from last year. We are still dealing with the same enemy. Although this pandemic is far from over, we are adapting by using facemasks and face shields, social distancing, and minimizing social gathering by observing safety protocols. As we transition to the new normal, States have restricted social groups, which has affected church attendance. Fortunately, an organization as traditional as the church has grown and adapted to changes. Here are some ways the church can go about handling restricted attendance.


Go Online.

Most social gatherings today are conducted online through Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and Viber. Use these available apps to conduct sermons, bible study, meetings, and conferences. This way, your church need not limit the number of attendees. Everyone can join. All they need to do is download one of these apps. This is the safest way to be involved today. Fortunately enough, we are living in a world of advanced technology. For more information for going online head over to this blog. ===> Here.


Ticket Tailor for RSVP

Ticket Tailor seeks to provide event planners an online ticketing portal that leaves them in control of their data, checkout process, and the embedded customizable ticket buying experience. With Ticket Tailor, organizers take payment directly rather than waiting for payment from the platform.

Use Ticket Tailor for events and activities of the church, such as concerts and fun runs. This way, the organizer will be able to control the members who join these events. Make sure that you observe safety protocols in every circumstance and activity your organization conducts.


Registration and Signups

Before an important event of activity, request interested people to sign up for registration. Make sure to set-up a date or period of registration. This way you can control the number of people that will join the activities. Deny the request if it will exceed the limitation for safety protocols.



Since everyone wants to attend but cannot attend, one way to please every interested member is to schedule the same event for 2 days and let members pick which among the 2 schedules they wish to attend. For example, a Bible study may be held in the morning and the afternoon. Members may only choose one among the two dates given.


Discipline. Follow safety protocols.

As much as we want to have our everyday lives back, we cannot disobey our government’s safety guidelines. An organization such as the church should be an example to the society since Christian teachings have taught us that preservation of life is important. If we care for our neighbors the way the Bible says us to be then, we will always consider the welfare of people.



It’s important to be safe, especially during this pandemic. If the church cannot hold meetings or activities online, it must obey safety protocols when conducting activities. One of the protocols is that the number of people in a room is limited, and social distancing is always practiced when in a public place. This means that the church needs to be equipped in handling restricted attendance. Let this article help you conduct church activities without violating safety protocols.


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