Helpful Tools For Effective Workflow

Katie Allred

Helpful Tools For Effective Workflow

Katie Allred

To be an effective church communicator, it’s essential that we have the right tools to make the job easier for us. Being a church communicator is not for someone with a weak heart. It’s tough to handle all these obligations at once, so we need some resources to help us accomplish our tasks efficiently.

What could we regularly use to keep our work organized and on track? We raised this question on our Facebook group, and several members responded. Here’s what we have gathered.


Basecamp. One place to communicate with the team, track projects and to-dos, ask repeating questions, and run everything.” Michael Lukaszewski 

Beaver Builder. Hands down the greatest addition to my web design workflow. Quick to build with. Easily extendable on the tech side for more complex code, layouts and such. Clients love that they don’t have to have me do everything for them. And more recently, ClickUp and Project Huddle have replaced several tools.” Andrew Peters All of the promotional emails you receive in a day are rolled up into one email. The emails are immediately moved into a folder so you can always go find them, and you can pick which emails you want to keep in your inbox. I was getting over 70 emails a day and my inbox was SO full!” Madelaine Priest

Trello for Personal tasks. Jira for Team management. Evernote as a Digital filing cabinet. ProPresenter7. Google Drive 200gig package $3 per month, perfect value for a medium size churches team file needs.” ThomasJessica-Family Ciaramitaro 

“For graphic design I work primarily out of Photoshop. Use Trello for task management and asset delivery. Teams for team communication. And Dropbox for large template and file storage.” Blair Reynolds

“Lately my go to programs are: Dropbox, Final Cut Pro and Canva. Always looking to streamline and reduce time though.” Jon Dahl


These resources can be another set of hands for us, especially when we need all the help that we can get. Hopefully, these recommended tools can help you become an even better and more effective church communicator. 


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