How Slack Differs From Other Messaging Apps

Katie Allred

Slack, an organized conversation/messaging app, is gathering momentum and is now reaching the phones and computers of small businesses and groups. Slack gets a lot of praise and continues to grow, with over 750,000 companies worldwide using them. Including huge companies that have started using them like TIME, Uber, Oracle, Intuit, and even the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. With their popularity still growing, Slack is being dubbed as the “email killer,” as they continue to replace most emails and meeting platforms. Now, what is Slack? And how does it differ from other messaging apps? Well, there are hundreds of apps out there like Slack, but why does Slack stand out? Here is how Slack differs from other messaging apps.


Simple and Fluid

Slack’s U.I. is simple, and many people, including those hesitant at first to try Slack, got working through it smoothly. Slack employs a design in which it is easy to separate conversations and announcements into relevant topics. Therefore, making it easier to stay on topic and for everyone to remain on the same page.



One thing about Slack, which is not in the case of other team chat apps, is its customization and interface. Slack is very intuitive as it gives all its features neatly packed buttons. They also customize the sidebar’s color and have a new dark mode for its app, whether on P.C. or mobile. Slack has customizable notifications too. You could customize all the notifications you receive from Slack and the apps you’ve integrated. You can set reminders and get notifications when you type a specific word, or alternately you can select your DND or Do Not Disturb time so you can focus or disconnect from work and come back fresh the next day. With a handful of customizability features and options, you’ll be able to cater Slack to your preferred experience. 


Messaging and Threads

Like other messaging and social media apps, Slack has a thread system for conversations with a string. This thread system the chat window cleaner. The thread system also provides the ability to attach files, images, documents, and spreadsheets along with a comment. With a vibe for professionalism and business, Slack’s U.I. on messaging and its threads help separate work from personal life.


App Integration and Automation

Once users get the hang of Slack’s U.I. and basic features, the next thing to explore is Bots’ efficiency and Bots’egration of Slack itself. Bots are one of the most useful features of Slack. It can do various tasks at will and set automatically to do things upon a user’s action or command. Some of the Bots’ abilities include sending D.M.s, being mentioned, posting messages, uploading files, and even be set to order pizza, asking everyone what they want, and sending it to the pizza company. 


App Integration is a Slack feature in which certain productivity apps and websites integrate or connect to your workflow. Apps like Google Drive, Gmail, Sheets, Mailchimp, and the like. With app integrations, you can incorporate your emails and other apps into Slack itself and get real-time notifications about them without even opening them. Slack acts as a hub for your productivity once you get the know-how on app integrations. One neat feature of it is its ASANA integration. It lets you assign and create Tasks or To-dos for your team or teammates. Assigning tasks gets seen by everyone in the whole channel, and you can customize the deadline and include attachments to specific tasks.



Last and certainly not least, Slack is equipped with a robust search algorithm that allows you to search from a lot of messages through your threads and channels. The search is infinite, too, and not limited by the day, month, or year. Another notable feature of Slack is searching through Google Docs, Office, and Dropbox files you’ve shared in Slack and the ability to search a specific phrase.



Slack offers a better way of communicating with coworkers and teammates. Slack differs from other messaging apps because Slack can separate work and personal life. With its threads and channels, there is always a topic and common theme in every conversation. Many have made the switch and chose Slack as their primary form of communication for work, and with the reasons above, it’ll surely be enough to make you switch too. If you want to know what makes Slack truly interesting, we suggest you try and experience its wonderful features right now!


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