How To Create A Christian Blog

Katie Allred

How To Create A Christian Blog

Katie Allred

As a member of the Christian Community, there will be a time that we want to express ourselves and tell our story about our faith. We want to share our experiences outside the church walls, and today we have access to millions of people at our fingertips. If you feel the same, then maybe it’s time to start your very own blog. Here are 5 things you need to know how to create a Christian blog!


Before you start anything, you need to have a concept and a concrete idea of your blog’s focus. You can make it inspirational by telling your own stories of the experience, or you can gather stories from others and tell it in your blog. You can even make it creative by placing your artistic interpretation of Gospel stories.

Your blog is your very own canvas! It’s a canvas of your thoughts and ideas of Christianity and your faith in the Lord.


Decide on what social media platform you want to venture on. There are plenty of platforms available, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube. Choose the platform that you are most familiar with and where you are best known for. To avoid the hassles of starting a new blog, you can use your account for your blog.

Another option is to have your own website. Although this may not be free with your website, you will surely have your own brand. This is best for those who choose to be professional bloggers.


ALWAYS! Start and end with a prayer. It may be a verse from the Bible, or it may be a personal prayer. As a Blogger who focuses on faith in the Lord and of Christianity, it is best to show that your faith is strong from the beginning till the end.


The goal is to inspire people. Be a model and help people get through their problems. Show them that our Lord will always be with us no matter what. Not every day is rainbow and sunshine. There will be rainy days and storms that we will have to face. Tell people that they should keep their faith in the Lord because that faith will help them overcome their struggles in life.

There is that feeling of fulfillment when you know you inspire others to keep their faith in the Lord. It is so fulfilling to let people know that it’s normal to struggle in life and what is bad is giving up.


The last thing to do is to publish your work! Inspire others! Keep your comment section open to people who are interested in sharing or even critic your Blog.

Let us thank the Lord for the opportunity to inspire others.

We hope this helps you in your journey in how to create a Christian blog!


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