How to Create Better Content

Katie Allred

How to Create Better Content

Katie Allred

Finding good content is a battle. Social media is one of the most saturated markets out there. With millions of topics existing and flowing through the internet, it’s hard to find useful content, especially for the church. Let me help you find the content you need.

So, what makes great content?

Clear Message

Have a concrete idea of the message that you want to relay to your readers or viewers. You cannot have good content if you have no grasp of the things that you want to share. To have a concrete idea, you must study and research on the topic. Once you have enough knowledge, you can share your ideas more effectively.


Content has to be relevant to the view, or else they will pay no attention to it. Find topics that connect you to your audience. For content to be characterized as good, it must be felt by the readers. It should never be just random topics that nobody will have an interest in.


Like writing an award-winning novel, content should be executed correctly. Take advantage of the different features of each platform you use. Go Live on Facebook. Give behind-the-scenes on Instagram Stories. Post culturally engaging comments on Twitter. Share longer-form videos to YouTube or Vimeo. It’s important to realize that not all platforms are created equally. Each has their own strengths. Use them wisely.


Use these tips to have better content that will be memorable to your audience. Make things relevant and exciting. Make something that touches lives in accordance to the Word of the Lord.

Have any other suggestions about creating and obtaining good content? Let us know in the comments!




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