How To Find Community Within Online Church

Colin Schaafsma

How To Find Community Within Online Church

Colin Schaafsma

Everyone needs community. As human beings, we are designed to live in community, to build relationships with others. This past year has been a bit rough in the area of community for a lot of us.

Along with the world closing down due to the recent pandemic, community also seemed to close down. We found community all over the place, one of those places being church. Throughout this last year, church as we know it was forced to move to an online format, at least for a little bit. 

Now, as things slowly go back to normal, an online community is a must for churches. A lot of people are going to continue to attend online church, and offering up a solid online community for those people is needed now more than ever. Here are a few ways you can cultivate your online community.

Church During The Week

Church doesn’t have to just take place on Sunday, it can take place everyday. You can provide short devotionals and prayers throughout the week via social platforms and invite people to attend live. Doing church throughout the week also opens up the potential to reach those you may not be reaching just on a Sunday.

Worship Nights

Stream your worship nights. Open up your worship night gatherings to more people by sharing the service online. Maybe people know about your church, but are a bit too far to attend. Offering the option to attend cool events online such as a worship night can really help you reach more people and build an online community.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are great programs to be a part of when trying to meet new people and build community. Why not offer some online bible study programs? This allows people from all over to get connected with others. You could be in a bible study with someone halfway across the world!


At the end of the day, we all need a community to help support us through life; and offering up options like church during the week and online worship night and bible studies can really make a difference in someone’s life as they become involved in ways they never imagined they could.




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